If we wish to

think outside the box –

first, we need to

recognise the box

Think Outside the Box

What do you reckon?


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  1. True enough. If we don’t know where the sides of the box are, we can’t think outside them 🙂 Your short ones seem simple on the surface, but the longer the words sink in, the more they get me thinking.

    1. Hello Janna,

      I believe if we pack ’em in – readers will have a great time unwrapping and embarking on their own journeys.

      Peace and blessings,

  2. Most time we are unaware that we have built the box and encased ourselves. In so doing, we set our limitation and restrain. Though we don’t recognize it, sometimes we are fortunate that others come knocking at our box and pry us to get out from the comfort zone. Glad that we are not alone in this world and that there is a reason for every meet.

    1. Hello Windy,

      One’s comfort zone sometimes becomes a prison. We not only have to show them the door but also push them out for their own good 🙂


  3. Yes…I’ve often wondered how to recognise the box I’m supposed to be thinking outside of! I probably do it all the time without knowing that’s what it is 🙂 I think I need to that anyway as regards how I am to persuade my notifications that it really isn’t necessary to migrate straight to the new inbox…there’s plenty of room in the original one….the deleted folder really isn’t the place for them to be springing into without my say so! I guess that answers my query as to what the box is then! It is the deleted box (folder) I need to be thinking outside of…hmm…but I would assume I’m doing that anyway since that’s mostly where I seem to be…outside it! Hence the backlog of unseen notifications! Oh well…back to square one then,…how to think outside the box!!! 😉

  4. You said it Eric! I have been hearing this phrase since I was in school and I always wondered which is the box that they are referring to. And since no one else ever questioned about this, I thought it must be a special case with me. 😛

    1. Hello Rekha,

      If you look around you, you’ll see a vast number of humanity surrounds you – including moi. You’re not alone 🙂

      Peace and blessings,

  5. This is really clever, Eric! (which doesn’t surprise me, coming from you…). I am still thinking that we define the box also by its limits so maybe one thing sequentially leads to the other…:)

    Best wishes and happy week ahead to you,
    Aquileana 😛

    1. Hello Aquileana,

      Thank you for the kind compliments.

      Yes, some boxes are large and expansive while others are tiny and claustrophobic.

      All good wishes,
      Eric 🙂

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