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Third and Final Book in the Trilogy.

Mahabharata: Kurukshetra War – Contents

  1. Generals Satyaki and Kritavarma
  2. Krishna the Charioteer
  3. Duryodhana and Satyaki
  4. Krishna the Cosmic Puppeteer
  5. Kamsa and Krishna
  6. Krishna tempts Kunti
  7. Krishna offers the World to Karna
  8. Kunti Visits Karna
  9. Shalya falls for Sakuni’s Ploy
  10. The Gathering Storm
  11. Karna Draws First Blood
  12. Arjuna refuses to do Battle
  13. Our Task on Earth
  14. Shifting Loyalties
  15. Heir to the Hastinapura Throne
  16. Ultimately, We’re Blameless
  17. Old Animosities Surface
  18. Durga demands a Sacrifice
  19. Aravan
  20. The Chosen One
  21. Bhishma Falls
  22. Karna and Shalya
  23. Bhagadatta, Narakasura’s Descendant
  24. Abhimanyu’s Heroic Battle
  25. Arjuna vows to kill Jayadratha
  26. Ghatotkacha fulfils his Destiny
  27. Sunset on Jayadratha
  28. Leaves Falling in Autumn
  29. Karna takes the Reins
  30. Karna the Magnanimous
  31. Bheema’s Promise to Panchali
  32. Karna fulfils his Destiny
  33. The Last Day of Battle
  34. Land enough for Mausoleums
  35. Aftermath and End
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