Quick reads for those on the go.

History, Romance, Business, Horror, Humour & Family. Click cover. Look inside.

Each flash fiction takes no more than 3 minutes to read; many take less than a minute. 

There is something for everybody: history; mystery; mythology; family life and love; horror; humour; uplifting stories; tear-jerkers; business snippets; politics; and thrillers.

An eclectic mix of witty and amusing stories.

With his short little snapshots, Alagan takes a prod at the simmering, self-obsessed underbelly of society, not only present day but also as far back as prehistoric times. It seems that the moral fibre of humanity hasnโ€™t travelled very far in all that time.

This diverse collection of insightful stories provides a commentary on humanity over the past few thousand years, including the young and the old, all genders, races and beliefs, and in diverse global locations, including hell itself. So, okay, there is a bit of fantasy and paranormal thrown into the mix for good measure.

Thoroughly recommended – Karen Court (Author of The Doctor), Australia. Source: Goodreads


  1. I absolutely loved this collection of gems! Thank you so much Eric for such a wonderful gift. Once opened, it was like a packet of chips that I just could not close without finishing ! The stories were unique and the writing styles covered so many different genres – showcasing your versatility and talent. Still chuckling over some of the ones that ended with a twist – will be going back to savour these again for sure !

    1. Ah, you completed the book, Sasi. Fantastic!
      Gems! Wow! What a wonderful review. I much appreciate it.
      Yes, I experimented with different styles and glad that you liked them all.
      Many authors can write in several genres but tend to gravitate and focus on one or two. I’ve always been partial to history and geopolitics. Hence my two most recent novels and the forthcoming – which I mentioned in the back-matter of 100 Very Short Stories – are historical with a blend of real-politick. At least, that was my aim. Look out for it ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you once again for your review.
      Keep safe and keep well,

  2. Seriously Eric, I was thinking of taking my time to read the 100 very short stories but I finished all in one sitting. I kept on going one story after another and couldn’t stop. They were short and captivating and you touched on varied topics. If you asked me to choose any specific story that I prefer, it’s not possible. Every one stands out on its own. You have a way of saying much with less words. What a compilation!

    1. Hello Windy,
      Great to know that you found 100 Very Short Stories a page turner. Thank you for your lovely review. Much appreciate the plug ๐Ÿ™‚
      Flash-fiction has its own set of challenges. The good thing is, one complete a story fast. For writers not into the long haul – novels – this is another avenue. And flash fiction is more popular now, what with the mad-rush-lives of modern society.
      Your comment is the first on the book/stories proper. Keep going and who knows, you might just land another surprise gift ๐Ÿ™‚
      I hope you’re coping well with the lock-down in Singapore.
      Keep safe, keep well,

  3. Hello Ian,
    I guess, like me, you do not have any of the displayed Kindle apps to download the book. Suggest you sign up as a Reader in BookFunnel. You can do the following:
    Go to : http://www.bookfunnel.com
    Select “Readers” on the top line
    Select “Reader Login”
    Go into “My BookFunnel LIbrary” page, which prompts:
    “Let’s get you signed into your BookFunnel Library!”
    Type in “Your Email Address”
    Since you are a new user Select: “Create or reset your password”
    BookFunnel will prompt you: “Enter your email address, and we’ll send you a link to set your password”.
    Wait for the email from BookFunnel withย the link and you can sign in and change your password.ย 
    Then you can select “Sign in To My Library”
    If you had earlier download the book into Mobi, chances are your book can be found in your Library.
    Worth a try.

    Cheers, Windy

    1. Thank you, Windy,
      For stepping in with some advice. Much appreciate this.
      Over to you, Ian – and all the best.
      Once again, thank you and keep safe Windy,

    1. Hello Ian,
      Sorry to hear of your difficulties. If you have purchased an eBook either from Amazon (Kindle) or any other eBook retailer you should be good to go, as the Book Funnel download provides various files such as mobi (which is used by Amazon Kindle) and ePub (which everyone else uses).
      In any event, check out this simple guide I put together >>> https://ericalagan.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/7_Book-Funnel-Book-Download_WWND.pdf
      The best bet is to contact Book Funnel – look for the Need Help button on the top R/H corner of their page.
      All good wishes,

      1. Thank you Eric. I’m just wading through the remaining chapters of a future blog series and will take another look next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hello Eric.
    Thank you very much for your gift, One Hundred Very Short Stories. I received the code to download this gift. Glad to inform you that I have successfully downloaded it.
    It is a timely and appropriate gift, what with all the lock down situation we are in. Best to stay home and read.
    Keep safe and cheerful always.

    1. Hello Windy,
      You’re very welcome, and glad the download went smoothly.
      Most authors highlight a free gift upfront to build their mailing list. But I don’t wish to attract people out for freebies.
      Of course, if anyone stumbled onto this page, they will know of the offer. My experience, after 10 years as a blogger, visitors don’t usually check out pages and old posts. So, for most genuine subscribers – the gift will be a pleasant surprise.
      Thank you once again for subscribing to my newsletter and I hope you enjoy the book.
      Keep well, wear your face mask when you step out (that is, if you really have to go out to run errands) and keep safe,

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