Instead of a prompt word, I thought we’ll do something different this week. As bloggers, many of us are writers – so, theme for this week is about “writing“. As you probably guess, this opens wide possibilities.

Quite often I come across blog posts lamenting the dreaded “writer’s block”

Writers Block

When writing fiction, it is crucial to develop characters. One has to give them a backstory, add depth and scope and generally build them into three-dimensional people.

Having published two novels and working on several more now – excluding the Mechanic Leigh and Fallen Grace series – I notice how characters take on a life of their own.

Emptying the Nest

Many years ago, my kid sister accidentally stepped into a gutter. I thought she recovered the situation very admirably. She casually put her other foot into the gutter – it was deep but dry – stepped out and continued on her way, as if it was the  most natural thing to do. When she related that episode, the family had a good chuckle – we still do.

That incident lent impetus to this next piece.

Literary Licence

When I started writing about three years ago, in the first two years, I attended every single seminar and talk on “writing” that fitted my schedule. These literary luminaries, both local and foreign imports, sprouted impressive credentials and almost all lettered in creative writing, English Language, literature etc. ad nausea. Some charged an arm and a leg for their lectures. One guy from Adelaide even took my money and absconded – but that is another story.

Interestingly, not one had a bestseller to their name. The bestselling authors were all “non-literary” types.

Missing Forrester for the Trees

Hope you liked at least one of the above.

Now, your turn 🙂 Would you like to contribute your flash fictions – love to receive them.


Some guidelines:

1. Your contributions can be prose or verse but must draw from the theme “writing”.

2. Please do not go below 30 words or exceed 33 words.

3. Deadline for submissions 10 days from today.

If you could post your contributions in the Comments below, I shall collate and publish them in a Gallery on 14 May.

If you are new here, please take a look at the Previous Galleries:

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A short POEM



  1. Hi Eric, glad to hop in for my first contribution– a tanka and a haiku poetry.

    1) Writer at word play
    Listening for overtone
    Of each tumbling word
    Choosing, discarding, shaping
    Voila! A well-written work!

    2) Aim for a good write
    Penning well the sacred truth
    In soul, form, and mind!


    1. Hello Cynthia,

      Thank you for these contributions – a total of 3 haiku and one tanka.

      Unfortunately, after reconsidering I can’t use them for the “Literary Slips Gallery”. The pieces must be one complete verse or prose – cobbling together a couple to make the word count, well, sorry but does not meet the intent. I’ll be happy to include these in a Random Gallery that is due in a couple of weeks or so – if you agree.

      I could have spelled out all the minute details in the ‘guidelines’ and end up with a 3-page ‘rule book’ true – but obviously, this is not the way to go.

      Thank you for your understanding and thank you again for your efforts,

  2. Hi Eric, this is my first contribution–a 30-word haiku. Glad to hop in!

    1) Be prudent and write
    Choose words that heal the needy
    And light up the soul.

    2) Take good words and write
    Like the first rays of sunlight
    Bathing earth in light!

    1. Hello there – happy to have you on board but you show up as “Anonymous” – how do I assign credit and link back to your site?

  3. Oh course we know who the writer of Singapore is; and I’m glad that the “boss” has good sense – please give her my regards and a “thank you”. Incidentally, my “boss” agrees with her! Cheerio, Jane

    1. Well, if the bosses agree 🙂

      Contrary to popular belief, a true alpha does not ride rough shod – or, it would not remain alpha for long.

      All good wishes for the weekend, Eric

  4. The Limerick is a great medium for a quick ditty. Here is one for you.
    There was a writer of Singapore
    Whose blogging filled readers with awe.
    They said, “We find much love and caring
    Please maintain your sharing and sharing.”
    So he blogged onwards for evermore.

    1. I’m on-line now and saw your comment/contribution come through, Jane.

      If I think you are refering to the person whom I think it is – you’ve put him in a little spot. His face is truly flushed red as he – for all his vaunted public persona – is actually quite a shy person and shuns the limelight. Those who know him, know this of him. How do you reconcile an alpha male who would fight tooth and nail – with this little confession – beats him!

      The contribution meets all the criteria – but the content – please let me sleep on this before deciding whether to include in the Gallery – if all else fails, ask the alpha female – my wife 🙂

      Big hugz dear,

    2. The “boss” has spoken – she says that since I accept criticism with grace, I should stop whinning and accept compliments with even more grace.

      Thank you my dear and if I caused any ‘flap’ with my earlier comment – it was unintended. I’m of course, assuming that we both refer to the same “writer of Singapore” 🙂

      Peace and blessings,

  5. Reading your blog, I will never believe if you said that you have a writer’s block. You have more to say than the blog has space to contain and never a boring topic. I meant this as a compliment. The four postings above with its brief intro already portray multiple POV. Enjoyed them all, no favorites, each different and a great read.

    1. Well, Jasey, you’ve been gone for sometime and looks like you’ve returned and well settled. Always love to receive your comments.

      Luv and hugz, Eric 🙂

  6. Hi Eric

    I just found your site. Here is my contribution …

    Relentless rain resounds on shuttered winter windows as a misty, mysterious half-light falls upon the writer’s desk. Fragmented, half-formed conversations drift with shifting wind outside; transcription and manifestation to literary form elusive today.

    1. Like the swirl of light through fleeting clouds, ‘its true that our writer’s mind can feel the same. Very provocative words there, Helena. Very true, indeed! Paul

    2. Hello Helena,
      After Paul commented, I must have overlooked this. Sorry 🙁
      Thank you for your contribution and look out tomorrow for the ‘gallery’
      All good wishes,

  7. Thanks to you for the inspiration and incentive to step out of my usual writing comfort zone. This will also double as my NaPoWriMo poem for today.

    Pure Thing

    appropriation of ones own thoughts
    relishing creation
    i want to
    touch down on the solitude
    of pen to page
    drunk on the delicate
    string of words
    turn of phrase

    1. Hello Tammy – first comment here, I reckon. Welcome aboard 🙂

      This is a lovely contribution and thank you for joining in.

      All good wishes,

  8. OK Eric — I’ll play! I see you already have many wonderful contributions. Here’s mine. Alia

    Standing in the thought stream
    Sitting in the word pile
    Bombarded from everywhere
    By syllables and letters.
    Ideas begin to percolate,
    Images to circulate,
    Reaching for my pen
    I birth magic onto paper.

  9. This is my first time here! Here is my shot at this 33 word duder. This is highly inspired by my research paper that is due soon:

    Incandescent blue light
    literally rubbing my pupils
    whilst I tap, tap with fingers
    cold. I see the words come,
    come alive as I gulp
    this mead more and more.
    Deadlines are a bitch.

    1. Gracious of you to introduce yourself – this is appreciated and your contribution welcomed.

      “33 word duder” – now, that’s a piece 🙂

  10. I can’t believe one took your money and ran – what a fraud! I’ve always wondered about the literary speakers – if they know so much how come they are talking about writing a winning novel and not doing it themselves?

    I’ve not done one of these, but I think I can come up with 30 to 33 words. Here’s my try:

    My words
    overflow the banks
    of my mind’s
    I have more words
    than time.
    My ideas dammed
    by priorities;
    other roles I need to be.
    But I still have the dream.

    1. Yup, he sure did. After my incident, which I publicised here, no one in Singapore will touch him with a 10-ft pole but going by his website, he is still taking people for a ride, I reckon.

      As for the literary speakers, well, you know what they say – those who can’t – teach!

      Lovely contribution and came in spot on at 33 words 🙂

      Thank you Janna for supporting. Have a great weekend ahead,


  11. Writer’s Block

    A wall of black, oozy, Missouri River mud looms in front of me,
    Sticky, impossible to even walk through.
    When I push, it gives only a little.
    Then it creeps into my nostrils, suffocating.
    I back off, walk this way and that way, trying to find an entrance.
    I push again, the mud engulfs.
    So I back off, play it safe, read a book, play the piano,
    go boutique shopping, sing, hike, brush the horses.
    I walk back; the mud wall looms still.
    I write up to the mud wall.
    It starts to ooze onto the paper, into my brain.

    1. Thank you Juliana, for this lovely piece.

      It does not meet the 33-word limit, so I assume you are sharing it with all the readers here. Do you plan to post this on your blog – it would be a pull, I reckon.

      All good wishes, Eric

  12. Thank you for this idea. Here is my effort:

    I sit to write. Ideas come so easily, they flow like water. Quickly they grow into a forest but then, as always, I am lost amongst the trees. The water has frozen itself.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hello Ben – first time here, I see. Welcome aboard 🙂

      Thank you for this contribution – you’re ON!

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s I like what I read and ticked to follow your blog.

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