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Second Book in the Trilogy.

Mahabharata: Dice Game & Exile – Contents

  1. Mahabharata: The Beginning (Summary)
  2. Demons in Khandava
  3. Forest of Illusions
  4. Mayasura the Builder
  5. Everything for Everyone
  6. Arjuna’s Pilgrimage
  7. Arjuna’s Third & Fourth Wives
  8. Krishna and Sakuni as One
  9. Jarasandha, King of Magadha
  10. Sisupala of Chedi
  11. Rajasuya Yagna
  12. Jaya and Vijaya
  13. Sakuni’s Sacrifice and Plot
  14. The Dice Game
  15. Panchali’s Humiliation
  16. Life in Exile
  17. The Secrets of Mount Kailash
  18. Arjuna Obtains Celestial Weapons
  19. Indraloka, Abode of Gods
  20. Urvashi’s Curse
  21. Sakuni spies on the Pandavas
  22. Yudhishthira as Kanka the Brahmana
  23. Bheema as Vallabha the Bald
  24. Arjuna as Brihannala & Panchali as Sairindhri
  25. The Stablemaster & the Cowherd
  26. Kichaga the Generalissimo
  27. Trigartas invade Matsya
  28. Uttara Kumara routs the Kuru Elders
  29. The Pandavas Revealed
  30. A Needle Point of Land
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  1. Congrats Eric, on the soon to be released Book 2 of Mahabharata. The cover design spells of hardship with insidious hands behind it. Well presented.

    1. Thank you, Windy,

      Glad you like the cover. I’ve a good artist doing this for me.

      I hope to publish the book by end February. It’s on pre-order now 🙂


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