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Mahabharata: The Beginning – Contents

Before the Beginning

1. Mahabisha’s Indiscretion

2. Lotus in the Mud

3. The She-Devil

4. Devavrata

5. Shantanu meets Satyavati

6. Bhishma’s Vow

7. Satyavati’s Sons

8. Amba, Ambika and Ambalika

10. Amba’s Travails

10. Amba’s Quest

11. Drupada’s Son

12. Vichitra Virya

13. Niyoga Conception

14. Vidura the Avatar of Dharma

15. The Golden Age of Hastinapura

16. Kunti Devi

17. Pandu weds Kunti Devi

19. Pandu’s Curse

21. Pandu abdicates the Throne

20. The Pandavas

21. Pandu’s Folly

22. Kauravas and Pandavas

23. Drona, Drupada and Parasurama

24. Champion of Champions

25. King of Anga

26. Sacrificial Flesh and Blood

27. Guru-Dakshina

28. Parasurama’s Disciple

29. The Wax Palace

30. Bheema’s Rakshasi Wife

31. Panchali’s Swayamvara

32. The Kuru Kingdom Splits


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  1. Awesome, Eric! I’m just composing an email to you, in which I originally asked:

    Are you planning to publish the entire work when it’s finished, as an eBook, perhaps? If so, I would be interested in obtaining a copy 🙂

    … then thought ‘Hang on just one minute’ and popped over to your site to find that you’ve read my mind! 🙂

    ,Second quarter 2021, huh? Almost here! Looking forward to it! (Do you have a firm date yet so I can diarise it and nag you when you fail to meet the deadline? 😉

    1. Hi, Colin,

      The Mahabharata stories are sent to my newsletter subscribers. They get first peek. The stories in Book 1 – The Beginning – are completed. I’m revising/compiling the stories into an eBook and hope to publish it sometime in late March 2021. My newsletter subscribers will receive a free copy of the eBook. The free offer will self-expire when the book goes on sale – I use Amazon.

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      In early 2022, I will start emailing the episodes from Book 3 – Kurukshetra. Hope to complete the series by year end. That will bring this epic to a conclusion.

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      1. That’s great – clicked the link and it says – page not found. Now, that’s retaliation 🙂

        Free on All Fools Day – now, I’m wary 🙂 But I’ve updated my e-Calendar.

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