We all need – yes, need – our morning cuppa, be it coffee or tea.

Without that pick-me-up drink, many of us are a hairline away from being murderous or at least close to biting the dog. Because we cannot show it on the boss at home, we might just take it out on fellow motorists and commuters.

Note: I added tea because I am a tea drinker.

In the morning rush, most of us resort to modern technology > the 3-in-1 sachet > unless you are into the Mr Bean technique.

So today’s prompt image is challenging – it was for me – a steaming cup.

3-in-1 Coffee

Instead of working around coffee, tea or the usual morning mayhem, this is what I came up with.


3-in-1’s are cheaper, keeps one healthy and helps one do their part for the environment.

I welcome your 55-word contributions. Please note, it must be exactly 55 words, excluding the title. Your flash-fiction does not have to include my title > 3-in-1 > but must draw off the Image. As you can deduce, there is plenty of room to range.

If I receive any contributions, I shall post them in a Gallery on 24 March. For readers unfamiliar with what I mean by “gallery” – please click here >  Covert Affairs Gallery.

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    1. No worries – I’ve updated it as you wish 🙂

      P/s I agree, it would go better with – ‘to borrow my Amiga’s phrase’ – Upper case ‘A’ for Amiga?

  1. OK Eric, here is my first – ever- attempt at verse 😀

    I lean on the counter, eyes half closed,
    rocking to the drizzle of the filtering brew.
    Slowly that wondrous aroma
    wafts into my dozy brain,
    and nudges into alertness
    each somnolent cell.
    Cafe, coffee, kapi…..
    call it what you will
    This is my elixir,
    my pick me up,
    as my amiga rightly says

    1. First attempt and so classic 🙂 Thank you very much indeed – me spies a poet in the quiet, me thinks 😀

      Your contribution will do very well in the Gallery – to be published on 26 March. Look out for it.

      Cheers, Eric 🙂

  2. Here is my submission, thanks for answering my question! 🙂

    It’s a ritual we share and Jingles wants in on the fun, but I make her settle for a few sips of milk. You ask did I make any but you already know the answer. The seven cups split 80/20.
    Mom says we use too much creamer, but we don’t mind, my Dad and I.

    1. LOL, Ariel – this is a good one 🙂

      …seven cups split 80/20…Hmmm! A good one!

      You’re on and thanks for this unique contribution,

  3. Wait up, I know I’m almost last on the list. This is what I came up with :

    Advertiser presents the concept.
    Manufacturers and their business associates risk to accept.
    The world of 3-in-1 now brings,
    Instant coffee, teh-tarik, milo and other cereal drinks.
    The convenience is immeasurable,
    Whether In the office, at home, for travel, anywhere is possible.
    This concept perhaps taken or borrowed unintentionally,
    From the copyright owner, the holy trinity ?

    Hi Eric, can you consider teh-tarik and 3-in-1 as one word..heh..heh..

    1. You know Jasey,

      I don’t want to take away any thunder from you but was actually anticipating someone to come up with the holy trinity angle – and you did:-) I’m going to start a new blog on mind-reading.

      Hey, ‘teh-tarik’ and ‘3-in-1’ — all hyphenated words are single words – in my book – the one I’m writing as I go along 🙂

      You’re IN dear.

      Have a great weekend,

  4. The boss at home…haha. I’m not a coffee drinker, but do like my iced tea (with fresh lemon.) Great idea riding your bike to work. If it wasn’t thirty miles away, I might think to do the same because I like the no carbon footprint part of it 🙂

    1. Hello Janna,

      Yes, thirty miles is a killer – more for a weekend ride, I reckon.

      My evening route is a mere fifteen kilometres and I do about forty five on weekend jollies.

      Did you read that comment by David here > a carbon tax for cyclists because they breathe!

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