I received three 55-word flash fictions in response to my Covert Affairs.

Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstansfeld contributed a more joyful and happier story. It is my pleasure to share her version with you. I hope and believe you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you:


Surprise, surprise. I received another version from Carrie, bloging as mettapanda which I started to “follow” recently. She also has a second blog, spiritualsongstress.wordpress.com. Please join me in enjoying Carrie’s 55-word fiction:


Jasey (who unfortunately is not into blogging – yet) contributed one that is very Singapore centric. More than 80% of Singaporeans live in HDB flats built by the public sector. In recent years, due to escalating prices and long waiting times, this has become a major issue.


Look out for my new 55-word Flash Fiction tomorrow based on a prompt Image. Your contributions welcomed.

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Tom 55 WFF_Post End



    1. Hello Wolfie,

      I thought a single post would bring out the diversity of approaches like colourful blooms in spring.

      They are lovely, aren’t they?

      Peace, Eric 🙂

  1. The first one is my favorite – really conjures an image I’ve thought about when seeing abandoned homes. I find myself wondering about it’s story.

    1. Yes, Jane came through very well with that one.

      Like all the others, there is a story aching to be told, I reckon.

      Thank you for the visit and comments. I’ll be hopping over to your blog later – I see that you’ve been gone for a while but published a new post yesterday.

      P/s Got to leave soon for an appointment.

    1. Awwwh! That is sweet Christy B,

      I felt the frames would add a bit of “innovation” – my only contribution to this blog post.

      Have a great one friend,
      Eric 😀

    1. Topping up the ink well! Wow!

      I’m intrigued what tales will be spun.
      You’ll spread, I’m sure, much joy and fun.
      After the weather bad, we could do with some sun.
      Perhaps your stories too sedate might turn away bums.
      But I rather you don’t make faces red of nuns.
      This, a family friendly site, we don’t want them to run.

      Another 55-worder 🙂

      1. Being a family friendly site

        I try to keep mine virgin white

        It’s very easy as you well know

        To scatter seeds that may unwittingly grow

        To be something other than what was planned

        It’s out of ones hands once words are canned.

      2. Very impressive Chris my friend
        Once wound up, you don’t end
        One-night stands, seldom planned
        That’s the thought of most men
        Ignore we, Maestro of the Big Band?
        In His instruments, we mere strands
        This a family friendly site, as is mine
        Let’s stop here, this side of nine
        Children about, not yet their bedtime

        (All of 55 words which I left in CJ’s blog post – posting it here for keepsake)

        As you contributed to my “Comments” – I can do no less for you.

        Peace, Eric

      3. Here is another I left behind in your blog as reply – all of 55

        To the study, let us retire for cigar, wine
        Suitably fortified we shall about the world, whine
        Great solutions flow when inebriated by wine
        Then again, we men are great at messing up till all whine
        Off to bed now, hopefully she allows what is mine
        Oops, children are still about, not yet their bedtime

  2. great contributions! Sorry I have missed quite a posts since last few days,have been really busy and shall try to catch up wth all soon!

    1. Dear Soumya,

      Don’t pressure yourself into thinking you have to visit every post I publish. Whatever gave you that idea, dear? Blogging ought to be fun. Visit as and when you have the time. Feel free to drop off for weeks/months – we’ll catch up when you return – just as the friends we are.

      Luv and hugz,

  3. Thank you Eric.

    Hey I get a posting here too ! If you don’t mind I prefer to “squeeze” in your blog – to be among the crowd. It can get a bit lonely doing your own blog (not that I’ll ever start one), worst if no traffic, heh..heh..

    The picture of the nice house with my favorite bottle-brush tree is only something I can yearn for…sigh…
    Like the other two postings also – gives the feeling of sanctuary, joy and comfort that you seek in a house.

    1. I don’t mind at all that you prefer to “squeeze” in my blog. Actually, I appreciate and welcome this very much. But if you do start one, I’m sure you’ll get many “following” – I’ll be the first and there are others here who also wondered why you have not started your own blog.

      A house with bottle-brush plants —- Hmmm.

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog today. I’ve read and enjoyed these short fictions and am looking forward to reading yours as I am now following. I love meeting others with a shared love of micro-fiction. Cheers.

    1. Hello and good morning Padmini,

      Yes, I think many of us in Singapore can relate to this.

      Govt still have not got it right, I reckon.

      Have a great day,

  5. Thank you Eric. I love the way that you so generously share with others.
    I have a question for you. Does the house in the picture have a special meaning to you? Is there a real live story attached?

    1. Dear Jane,
      You are very welcome and thank you also for your sharing.
      No, the house holds no special significance for me and no real live story attached.
      Love and hugz,
      P/s I saw that comment on your poem by a “teacher-editor”. I wonder if she is a friend, in which case I can appreciate where she is coming from.

      In any event, I don’t see anything wrong with your Lines 1, 4 and 12. This is verse and not prose.

      Okay, Line 10 is a typo – unless, I am missing something here.

      Incidentally, I believe she got it wrong too – it should be “These” and not “This” in the comment.

      Something came to mind about people living in glass houses – or am I being rude?

      Let’s enjoy the piece and be gracious about it.

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