When something goes wrong, whom do we blame, what do we blame?

Should we gaze into the mirror, before we look out the window?


In quality management, we seek the root cause.



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  1. Dear Eric,

    Yes, your comment to catcat is so true: ‘self-flagellation, I’m sure, rings true for many of us out there, especially when we have those, at times, preposterous expectations.

    I agree, having expectations can be good and can be the driving force to getting things done, but without the homework and hard work, they remain nothing more than fleeting false dreams and wishful thinking.

    Thus when things don’t pan out, we become disappointed and tend to glance about for the ‘root cause’ of our misery.

    Methinks the mirror remains the perfect place to peer into and not to our peers.

    warmest wishes, good Sir!
    Paul 🙂

    1. Hello Paul,

      Wow! You came back all the way to 2013. I wonder how that happened. But glad that you did.

      Yes, expectations by themselves are doomed to fail if they are unreasonable and if one does not work to realize them. And when things don’t pan out as expected – the mirror would be the right place to start looking for the root cause.

      Trust and hope that matters are beginning to pick up. Will be dropping by your blog a.s.a.p. Till then, keep well, my dear friend,


  2. Just luved it…..The blaming part comes ’cause of expectations ….& I m seeing a lot of this nowadays within my own friend circle…….Some go even to the extent of deep depression……Before pointing a finger at others ,there is a finger pointing at u ,too…….I tell them, why, in the first place expect something from others…….Is ur happiness dependent on others ? U ve ur own strengths, just work upon it……
    Wonderful sharing as I cud completely relate to this post………

    1. Thank you , Rajesh.

      You are so right – we see this blame game all around us and perhaps we are also guilty of it at some time or other. Yes, you mention that old Indian saying about one finger pointing at others and three pointing back at the pointer. I have a rejoinder to that – to behave like the thumb – look down in humility.

      Thank you for your presence here.

      All good wishes,

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