Interview Questions: Interview Like a Professional HRM

A Quick Guide for Owners and Managers of Small Businesses
More than 10,000 students enrolled from 136 countries
(Updated March 2021)
  • An entry-level course which does not require students to have any special pre-qualification.

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Building best-in-class teams, starts with hiring the right people and the interview event is a crucial step in the hiring process.

And interview questions are a key component of the interview.

Many business owners and managers of small businesses do not possess formal training in conducting interviews, including the techniques required to formulate effective interview questions.

This course on Interview Questions will fill that need.

By the end of this course, hiring managers will be able to develop professional and effective interview questions to identify a candidate’s:

  • Hard Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Expertise

The course reveals how the job scope determines the requirements that candidates must meet, and how questions are formulated to identify these job requirements.

The course is structured such that participants need to invest only about an hour.

And by the end of this hour, they will have a bank of 18 questions which can be used “off the shelf”.

Real life examples are employed throughout the course. And the questions and sample jobs used in this course have wide applications for several industries.

This, coupled with a thorough analysis and reasoning behind the 18 questions, would enable course participants to adapt these questions to suit their particular needs.

Target Audience
  • Hiring managers and business owners who do not have formal human resource training and want a quick primer on formulating effective interview questions.
  • Students of management.

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