33-word Flash Fiction. Theme: WRITING

Another overwhelming response from readers. Here in one Gallery, you get to read all 19 takes on the theme “writing”.

Welcome. Step in, take your time and enjoy.

Let’s start with the contribution from Ben blogging as The Most Excellent Way. What a unique approach to expressing writer’s block. Glad to have you on board, Ben 🙂

Ben_Literary Slips

This next lady really needs no introduction in Blogsville. Please welcome Soumya Vilekar blogging as SOUMYAV

Soumya_Literary Slips

We have a new contributor with her take on Writing. People, please read Helena blogging as Helena Mallett 75 word Story Teller

Helena_Literary Slips

Tammy Jane Lepp blogging as SMILINGLIKECAKE took the plunge and contributed her work titled: Pure Thing. Lovely, I reckon.

Tammy_Literary Slips

Next up is Alia who goes by as vision5d2012 blogging as 13th Paradigm. Alia and her hubby, Tomas, are two marvellous souls I met in Blogsville.

Vision_Alia_Literary Slips

I am a regular reader and commenter of Janna blogging as Janna T Writes. Please pause and relish her contribution.

Janna_Literary Slips

You will recall this lovely soul who usually comes with her cutsie pieces. Yoshiko blogging as YOSHIKO.

Yoshiko_Literary Slips

New comer to these parts, deepaligupta blogging as deepali19. Her contribution:

Deepali19_Literary Slips

Please welcome again lovely Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstansfeld. Many of you will remember her blog – my Blog Pick of April 2013.

Jane Stansfeld_Literary Slips

From new contributor Troy blogging as troysherdahl, he speaks of Blocked Brain and Block Drained. Careful now, as you read, don’t trip over your tongue 🙂

Troy_Literary Slips

Two contributions from a good friend Paul Grignon blogging as Paul Grignon. He is a regular commenter in my blog and always comes up with thought filled poems and comments. He is in his element here.

Paul Grignon_Literary Slips

The second piece from Paul blogging as Paul Grignon as he confronts that dreaded challenge from a “white sheet”

Paul Grignon_2_Literary Slips

A lovely take on the theme from Maryrose blogging as BLACKROSE. English is not my mother tongue and her piece reminds me to think in English when I write in English. Thank you Maryrose 🙂

Blackrose_Literary Slips

This next is from elizfrat blogging as elizabethfrattaroli . Her contribution: A writer’s confetti. A small whisper, Elizabeth is an investment manager. All us ‘non-literary’ types (I’m an engineer) are coming out 🙂

Elizfrat_Literary Slips

A new contributor, please welcome Fatima blogging as Fatima Zenine into our group. Fatima drew inspiration from her research paper, due soon, to share this with us.

Fatima_Literary Slips

Mitzi blogging as Mitzi’s Space says it all and with rhymes too. Here is her CLUSTER

Mitzi_Literary Slips

It gives me great pleasure to welcome a regular contributor to my galleries. Peg Richards blogging as Listening for Joy and her contribution titled Whispers of Words

Peg Richards_Literary Slips

Many of you know Padmini who goes by as nightlake blogging as call2read. She is also my Blog Pick for March 2013. Trust me when I say she can spin a story 🙂

nightlake_Literary Slips

This last piece simply titled Writing is from regular contributor, Susan blogging as A woman’s view of hunting — with men. She was actually the first contributor to this gallery and set the ball rolling. Thank you very much Susan 🙂

Susan_Literary Slips

And that, as my good friend Jasey Chua would say, “is a wrap, folks”. Hope you enjoyed the tour 🙂

I’ll return with a WORD PROMPT imbedded in a 33 word flash fiction and some guidelines on how you too can participate in the next gallery. Hope you can join and share your talent.

For those of you who missed my take on Literary Slips > please click the link. Come on, don’t be like that, click on the link. Thank you 🙂

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  1. Eric,

    Such an interesting blog. Great writing from you and the others.

    Sorry it took me so long to say thanks for liking My Cat in the Castle story.

    1. Thank you, Pat for your return visit and no worries about taking so long to get back. I wasn’t expecting this and it has been a lovely surprise.

      All good wishes with the Photo Calender Contest,

    1. Glad to have you pop in, Cynthia.

      Yes, I was fortunate to receive support and contributions from many talented and generous souls.

      Looking forward to having you with us when time permits.


  2. Fascinating stuff in these slips–thanks for sharing them. And also for liking my little piffle of a flash fiction story on my blog. 🙂

  3. Got to get into flash fiction–seems like fun, and yet great exercise. Joining you because of your award to David.

  4. This is a great idea, Eric! Sharing and exchanging is some of the best parts about blogging. These are some wonderful words from a variety of voices…..makes a writer feel less alone : )

  5. Hi Eric. I know I’m late for this, but I got to thinking about “writing” on the way home today and wanted to share with you. I’ve been writing 100 word pieces, so this was an interesting new exercise for me.

    Write, she told me
    and I ignored her advice.
    But she was there at my birth
    and she knew what was good
    and that her milk would only nourish me
    for so long.


    1. Hello Xandra,

      I just popped over to read two of your latest 100-worders – enjoyed both. Looks like I’ll be a regular reader of your works 🙂

      This contribution is lovely – a mother and child – what a truly fresh approach.

      All good wishes,

      1. Dear Eric,

        Thank you for considering me one of your regulars. I am honored to be included in this fine gathering of writers.

        It is always my pleasure to include your site in my own blogs, as many others should indeed stop by there and peruse your excellent offerings. To read your words, and the words of others can only inspire other writers.

        Thank you also for the comments about my ‘bite’ blog. That was a quick and fun exercise. I suppose a li’l Brothers Grinn (Sex & Fidelity) still rubbed off on me–so to speak–and I continued the erotic theme. 🙂

        I consider you a kindred spirit and brother and I am gratified to know that you are indeed a dear friend.

        Best to you in your current book, and all your other creative WIPs. (And that has nothing to do with a quirt, mind you…) 🙂

        Take care, and have a lovely weekend,

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