Puli Thevar meets Yusuf Khan

Puli Thevar – the Polygar king who defeated the Nawab and captured English forts.

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Puli Thevar – Table of Contents

India before the British Raj

1. Colonel Heron & Yusuf Khan

2. Puli Thevar the Tiger Killer

3. The English Ravage the Polygar Country

4. Heron’s Assault on Nel-Kattan-Seval

5. Nattam Pass

6. The Battle of Nattam Pass

7. Travancore Alliance

8. Kala-Kaadu

9. Rout in Kala-Kaadu

10. Winners and Losers of Kala-Kaadu

11. Puli Thevar brings the fight to the Nawab

12. Senchorru-kadan, Blood Debt

13. The Battle for Srivillee-Puthur

14. A Bitter Victory in Srivillee-Puthur

15. Betrayal and Brutality

16. Yusuf Khan enters the Fray

17. Yusuf Khan Besmirched

18. Battle for Tinnevelly

19. Administering Tinnevelly

20. Puli Thevar meets Yusuf Khan

21. Guerrilla War

22. Bloody Nose for the Company

23. The Fall of Palamkottai

24. Maharajan Karthika Thirunal

25. Yusuf Khan sent South again

26. Friends and Foes

27. Battle for Vasudeva-Nellore

28. Puli Thevar defeats Yusuf Khan

29. Betrayal and Arrest

30. The Last Days of Puli Thevar


  1. This book will be the best book which I am going to own soon when it gets published.
    This is our leader and in tamilnadu we all are divided into so many chunks, but I will strongly believe this is because of the propaganda of casteism, with this idea planted inside everyone’s mind, but the truth is hidden somewhere and we have lost our identity. Today this so called casteism was never survived in our culture rather it was our identity and the so called good fellas (politicians) have accomplished there goal by destroying our identity and robbed our unity.
    Since your into this topic I put forward a suggestion about writing a novel to create awareness about the identity of Tamils in your feature writtings which will help our people to unite again.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Jackson,

      Welcome on board with your first comment on my blog. Good to have you 😊.

      I hope my novel, Puli Thevar, lives up to your expectations.

      Puli Thevar is my second novel drawn from Tamil Nadu’s history. The first is, Song of the Ankle Rings, which is based on the Tamil classic, Silapathikaram.

      Tamil is the oldest living language of humankind, and ancient Tamil history is rich. But our history is generally unknown to the world and to many Indians. There are English translations of Tamil literature. Unfortunately, most translations lose the nuances of our language.

      It’s my quest to bring our rich history to the English-speaking world and my novels, written in English, are a small step in that direction.

      I’m bringing forward the book launch of Puli Thevar. Scheduled for release on 1 October 2021 via Amazon.

      But you can pre-order now at a special price: US$0.99 – here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FG86P9B
      Price goes up after 1 October.

      Hope to have you as my reader.

      Stay safe, stay well,

    1. Hello, Ian,

      Thank you for your visit and comment. Much appreciate it. Trust you are well.

      I’m swamped with deadlines. Completed the first draft of Mahabharata Book 3 and have set it aside to revisit a couple of months later. I’ve started on my next novel which will follow close after launching Puli Thevar. It’s all good fun but also a little taxing. LOL.

      The pandemic has really messed up our lives. But so far am holding out all right. I hope you and yours are also doing well and keeping safe.

      All good wishes,

  2. Being an avid reader of the.mighty warriors especially from my country side.,,I’m extremely delighted in receiving the copy on ” puli thevar”
    His times., polygar wars,,his valor and his sudden disappearance etc.,,
    I wish a grand success of your forthcoming episode on puli thevar

    1. Hi, Sakthivel,

      Thank you for your visit and comment. The novel is going through its final edits and will be available for pre-order as soon as possible.

      My novel, Vel Pari, is based on the life of another great Tamil king. Feel free to check it out here. Click this link for a look inside >>> https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YPR2HKX

      All good wishes,

      1. Hello again, Sakthivel.

        Glad to know that. After you’ve read Vel Pari, post a comment here, or better yet write a review on Amazon.

        I hope and trust you enjoy the read.


  3. Wow, a new story to feast on! I really like the book cover, that’s a good beginning I think, LOL.
    To borrow the phrase, may the Force be with you. All my best wishes, Eric.

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