Today’s prompt image – Lioness and her cub.

Pride lionesses hunt, feed, protect and nurture the next generation.

Image Credit @ Free HDWallpaper
Image Credit @ Free HDWallpaper

Pride males protect their turf for one purpose – mating rights – even when they help take down buffalo or embark on their periodic hyena-killing.

Maternal Instincts

Maternal Instincts

Superior to Paternal Instincts?

And she sacrificed that which was the most precious…


Animal – Predator, Man – Destroyer?

Vegans, Vegetarian, Meat-Eater, Life,  Mercy Killing

More than a point of view, perhaps…

Mercy Killing

Finally, something inspired by Walt Disney Pictures – The Lion King.

Hear Me Roar

Hope you enjoyed at least one of the above.

I welcome and would love to read your 55-word contributions.

Some guidelines:

1. Your contributions can be in prose or verse.

2. Please do make it count exactly 55 words (excluding the title, if any).

3. Your flash-fiction does not have to include my title > Maternal Instincts > rather, please draw off the Image.

If you can leave your contributions in the Comments below, I shall be happy to post them in a Gallery on 9 April, giving you full credit and with a link back to your blog…

Many thanks 🙂


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    1. Yes, the contributions appear in the Comment – they are well done, I think.

      Thank you also for your kind words re my pieces.

      All good wishes, Eric

  1. You had a lot of inspiration from this photo! I especially like the first one. I wonder how more female leaders would change the dynamics of the world leaders. Maybe one day we can find out.

    1. You know Janna,

      I am so fed up with some of the piss heads who call themselves our leaders, I reckon women will do better – they certainly can’t do worse.

  2. Eric, I love the Maternal Instinct poem. I’ve often wondered if our country would not be a better place if more shes were in charge than hes. 🙂 But then, for me, it’s Hillary in 2016. ;->

    1. Thank you Ingrid, for your visits and comments.

      I’m not American, but Hillary has my vote for sure.


      P/s. I enjoyed your short story > When Night Becomes Morning > yes, the light of day did reveal Steve for what he is.

      I believe more people might leave comments in your blog if you removed the need to key in all that info – name, email, etc. I might be wrong but this puts up some mental barriers – certainly it does for me. But having said that, it is your blog and obviously, you call the shots.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂

      Incidentally, I clicked on your blog and WP says, your blog “doesn’t exist”

      I suggest you recheck > there could an error between this and your Settings.

      Anyway, I’ll get back to you via the email notifications.

    1. Thank you for this your first comment, I believe.

      We have to accept that in this life, we need to kill to live – pooh-poohing non-veganism is somewhat presumptuous, I reckon.

      Frankly, I don’t know if they can do any better but it is sure worth a try. Clearly, more female representation/participation in ALL walks of life is the way forward.

      Incidentally, for all the “liberalism” in the West – the East is leading in this area. The first female national leaders were from Sri Lanka, Israel, India, etc. Currently, the proportion of female CEOs in Asia far outstrips that in the West.

      Peace, Eric

    2. You’re right on that(women), but look at it from the American perspective: most Americans don’t know these things – if it didn’t happen in the USA, it hasn’t happened yet. Fantasy Island.

      1. Yes, in my interactions with Americans over the last 35 years, I detected that in some – the more ignorant, the louder they became. But I also met many Americans who were clearly clued up on the world – sharp and a pleasure to know.

      2. Yes, very sharp and a fine conversation. However, percentage wise, the General Population is not as clever or informed as it should be, and therefore, easily led astray by the ‘Information peddlers,’ whether they be global warming Deniers or the ‘they hate our freedom’ crowd. Could this be the result of being the pre-eminent super-power wrapped in the ideology of ‘we don’t need the others!’ Americans here in Germany are a complete different breed – after they’ve been here awhile, and they never want to go back.

    1. No worries Val – obviously, there is no obligation to contribute. Just for your info, I usually start to collate all the contributions about 10 days from now – there is time if you so wish.

      Yes, I thought #1 would resonate with many people who are sick of the many pompous pissheads who call themselves our leaders.

      Peace, Eric

  3. Okay, this is my offering–my first attempt at prompts:

    Mother in the Wild

    On African plains
    of grasses
    the straw-gold hues
    of dryness
    sturdy trees
    to meet our eyes
    in quite salutation
    we meet a pride
    the moment’s peace
    Lying in her own
    mat is a lioness
    with her king cub
    While it plays, paws,
    and makes baby roars
    I’m reminded of every
    mother’s care
    and love

    1. This is excellent Uzo,

      Glad you could join.

      If I can share with you one small tech issue – as I plan to place the words within a “frame” such a “tall” poem might render the fonts a tad too small. I am quite happy to leave it as it is – just so you know that the font size might not have the required impact.

      Peace, Eric

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