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Legends to realism: the truths behind the Vel Pari legends revealed.

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Vel Pari: The Tamilakam War – Fiction Literary Historical A literary historical novel based on the legendary Tamil king, Vel Pari

Did Pari actually “give” his chariot to a mullai plant? It was more than mere philanthropy. He did not simply give but the poets spun a tale and sent it into the realms of legend. Read Vel Pari: The Tamilakam War for a plausible story. Yes, he gave his chariot but… Answer provided in the first chapter of the book.

Did the Moo-Vendhar resort to treachery to defeat Pari? There is no evidence of any such treachery but it is the accepted “story”. Who spun this tale? Why? Remember, truth is the first casualty of war. Read Vel Pari: The Tamilakam War for a realistic story of how Pari lost the war. Read of the many battles and the strategies and tactics of ancient Tamilakam’s military.

What triggered the war between Vel Pari and the Moo-Vendhar? Enjoy the political intrigue and subterfuge that led to the war. Read how both sides tried very hard to prevent the war, but…

Why did the warriors of Tamilakam wear flowers into battle? Get insights into the fascinating culture, traditions and mores of the ancient Tamils of the Sangam era.

What was Prince Deiveegan’s role in the war? If Prince Deiveegan of Kovalur did not help his future father-in-law, Vel Pari, why did Pari’s daughters marry him? Delve into their 3-way love affair and the court maneuvering that enabled the two sisters to marry the prince.

These and many more questions surrounding the legend of Pari answered in Vel Pari: The Tamilakam War.

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