Any thoughts on these?

Success and Defeat

Winners and Losers

It takes more character

to accept defeat


to relish success

Sorrow and Joy


Easier to feel sorrow for

someone’s Misfortune


To rejoice in their Fortunes

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  1. Which gauge of success are you most happy with? Most would be happy at just one in their life while you enjoy several. Which one has satisfied you the most so far and will this one keep you happy enough to pull back and enjoy the fruits of your labor?

    1. These are all good questions, Michael.

      I see that you’re 59 – same age here. I know, in that picture taken in January 2014, I do look much younger than my age.

      We probably recall similar world events:

      6-day War
      Prague Spring
      Yom Kippur War
      US Embassy in Iran
      and so forth

      Your questions provoke much thought.

      All good wishes,

  2. I’ve tried to relish success a few times, but I can’t seem to get the recipe right. It’s usually too spicy.

  3. I agree with both. The latter is possibly why it is easier to share our misfortunes with some so called ‘friends’, rather than our successes!

    1. It took the better part of my life before I realised that it’s a gift – to be able to truly rejoice in the good fortunes of (especially) friends and (extended) family members. I pray that I never lose this gift.

      But I don’t judge harshly others who don’t have this gift – it’s not of our doing (as it’s not of theirs) for it’s a gift freely given to us and not based on merit.

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Hello Maryam,

      I agree with your sentiments – there’s plenty of work. The good news is, the internet helps connect people and ideas – it’s up to us to build bridges or burn them. I believe the vast majority of people are decent and will do the right thing.

      Peace ane blessings,

  4. mmm…interesting thoughts under the title “winners and loosers”.

    Firstly in my opinion we are not here to be one or other. We are here to learn and to archive experiences and taste life.

    Success? maybe a huge quantity of people would define success with the measure of quantity, get a high position profesionally, fame, money, money, money…

    I’m learning now, that defeat is a lesson. Success is an eventual event.
    You can get to the top, but also you can fall again to the dust.

    It isn’t quantity. It is quality. As person. As human being.

    About the second quote.
    The others’ fortune makes me happy. And the others’ misfortunes makes me try to motivate them to stand up again.

    I’m in this process of seeking. Starting for seeking from inside of myself.
    And maybe an uthopy, but I think that humanity should start to change absurd concepts.
    I read in somewhere ” unlearn what you learnt”.
    All knowledge starts from each one of us. I see, I hear, I feel, I breathe.
    At the end I could resume, we think too much 😛

    eternal kisses
    Msblackrose A.G

    1. This is lovely, Msblackrose A.G

      Exactly what I hoped for – to hear the thoughts of visitors to my blog post 🙂

      Life is all about living, experiencing and learning – true – and what a journey, we each undertake.

      Peace and blessing,

  5. Much would be dependent on the variables to each, and their stories, for humanity paints itself fickle, but not always. Well approached all the same, Eric, they would most certainly present themselves in most cases.
    Peace, Sean

  6. These are lovely provocative quotes, Eric. The irony is that, by our society’s definition there are far fewer winners than losers. After all only one man or woman wins the race. The other contestants may claim to be ‘winners’ because they completed the course but however they spin it only one gets a prize.
    Envy is a destructive emotion, and makes your second quote so true. To enjoy another’s successes requires a person to step outside himself, unless of course, it is one’s children’s success in which case one revels in it.
    Both quotes brought Kipling’s poem “If” to mind as one of your commentators mentioned.
    You excel again!

    1. You’re right, Jane dear

      By society’s definition – only a handful are winners. In one of my earlier posts >>> >>> I touched on the races we choose to participate in – man’s or god’s 🙂

      I love what you say, regarding those who step outside and relish another’s success. That’s more than ability, it’s a Gift, I reckon. Perhaps with focussed effort, we too can taste from that cup.

      Thank you for your ever kind and supportive words of encouragement,

  7. Eric, these are both so true. It’s not our feelings we must follow–but what is right and good. When we’ve chosen the right way then feelings of peace will follow our actions.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    1. That’s a thought, Wendy

      Feelings can be obstacles to doing right – powerful obstacles, as they can also be drivers to good. It all depends on how we chose to use the faculties given to us.

      But quite often, we give in to baser feelings and baulk at expressing and acting on the higher feelings within us, I reckon.

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Hello Val,

      No worries and pop over as/when you catch some time.

      Thank you for your visit/comment and all the best for the week ahead,

  8. Truisms both – but regrettably contra-instinctive. On a brighter note change begins with awareness so these should be billboarded in neon. A well-considered work Eric.

  9. Your words are very true, Eric…defeat is tough to swallow, so if we can accept it smiling, that shows more character than relishing in success, which is easy to do.

    When I read your second quote, what comes to mind is jealousy instead of rejoicing in someone else’s fortune. Then again, it might depend on how “your” life is going and also the relationship between you and the other, as stated by David…

    In ending, why can’t we just be happy for each other and greet our defeat as life lessons and move forward? 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

    1. Hello Lauren,

      Thank you and you’re right.

      Defeat is difficult to swallow and that’s what makes it special when we can wear it and learn from it. If acceptance is ordinary, than the person accepting it will not be extraordinary.

      The second – obviously, we don’t expect our rivals to rejoice in our success. But our friends and family —- (?)

      You said it – it boils down to raw jealousy

      All good wishes,

  10. These make sense. After all, being happy with success is more natural than accepting defeat. I think the second one depends on your relationship with the other person. If you are rivals, this is probably true.

    1. Thank you, David

      Yes, enjoying success is natural.

      Re the second, yes, I suppose rivalry sometimes brings out one’s ugly side. The sad part is the reaction of so-called friends and even family members – makes for interesting study.


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