Second Short Story Collection.

Multi genre. Something for Everyone. Click cover. Look inside.

Each flash fiction takes no more than 5 minutes to read. 

Soldiers go missing in a war. What happened to Cpl. Carlos Cordoba—the self-styled Romeo—of the 248th Motorised Rifle Company when he disappeared after spending a night with a known whore months after D-Day? Check out Bed, No Breakfast.

Priests belonging to various religious orders are referred to as ‘Father’. What happens when a priest tries to impose that practice on people outside the faith? Discover the reward for ignorance in Father Salvation.

Can employers practise discriminatory hiring—rejecting job applicants based on criteria other than their ability—without running afoul of the law? A definite ‘Yes!’ as we discover in Discriminatory Hiring.

We take brightly lit nights for granted. Not too long ago, people relied on the moon, for they feared what the dark might hide—and rightly so, as we find out in Secrets of the Night.

You’ll not know what’ll spring up on the next page of Eric Alagan’s collection of multi-genre fast fiction.

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