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One novella and 6 short stories for readers who love quick reads.

American Legal Eagle in Singapore: A light-hearted take on a serious and potentially controversial issue. The courts routinely impose gag orders on victims of sexual offence. Should the courts also grant the same anonymity to persons charged with sex-related crimes until that person is found guilty. Note: This short story was first published as a standalone novella in 2018, as Gag Order.


#1 Best seller in World Literature Short Stories (26 Nov 2023)

Blue Maiden: During the waning days of the British Raj, there were many women – girls, wives, and mothers – who were heroines. Ordinary women, yet courageous and resourceful, who were found throughout Empire. The Blue Maiden is a composite of the challenges faced and surmounted by many such forgotten souls.

#1 Best seller in Historical Fiction Anthologies (5 Dec 2023)

Veda Vyasa, author of Mahabharata: Veda Vyasa, slept with the two widows of his dead brother, and fathered two sons to ensure continuance of the Kuru patriarchal lineage. The sons fathered the five Pandavas and one hundred Kauravas. Veda Vyasa subsequently chronicled his family saga, the epic Mahabharata. Parashara was his father.

Ashwatthama the Immortal: Ashwatthama, another supporting character in Mahabharata is one of the Eight Immortals. How did he become an immortal? Was it a blessing or a bane?

The Masseur: We often read of women from poor countries forced into abhorrent jobs. Most times, these women have families to support. What if the roles were reversed? What if powerful women abuse vulnerable young men? A short story set in Singapore.

Nouveau Riche: One man’s idea of success, no matter what other so-called high-flyers might think.

Brown Lives Matter: A silent victim of racism who endured society’s judgement and emerged a better person, without the need for rancour or revenge.


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