Kannagi & Kovalan tell their stories

First novel length English adaptation of Silapathikaram.



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Table of Contents: Song of the Ankle Rings

Chapter 1: Anklets, One of a Kind

Chapter 2: Kannagi’s Destiny Foretold

Chapter 3: A Child leaves and a Maiden shall return

Chapter 4: Pleasure Houses and Comely Maidens

Chapter 5: Kannagi Kovalan Wedding

Chapter 6: My Wife a Stranger, a Stranger a Celestial Nymph

Chapter 7: The Worth of a Tamil Maiden’s Chastity

Chapter 8: Kannagi’s Error

Chapter 9: Madhavi’s Soft Scented Folds

Chapter 10: Attempt at Reconciliation

Chapter 11: The First Fractures

Chapter 12: Kovalan Madhavi Duel

Chapter 13: Kovalan Returns to Kannagi

Chapter 14: Fortune lost to Folly

Chapter 15: In the West lies Fate and Fame

Chapter 16: Beast-Men of the Hills

Chapter 17: Gateway to Madurai

Chapter 18: Spend Lies to Save Lives

Chapter 19: A Trap Sprung Early

Chapter 20: Almost a Arakan Woman

Chapter 21: An Erstwhile Scorpion of Statecraft

Chapter 22: Late for Salvation, Early for Vengeance

Chapter 23: In the Second Hides Truth

Chapter 24:  The Little Sister Deified


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