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First novel length English adaptation of the Tamil classic Silapathikaram.

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  1. An Intriguing Article
  2. A Discard for a Wedding Gift
  3. The Hand of Fate
  4. A Tenuous Lover forfeits his Humility
  5. Chained and Unchained
  6. Kannagi’s Destiny Foretold
  7. Betrothed at Birth
  8. Poom-Puhar
  9. Mother, Mistress of the House
  10. Father’s fierce Love
  11. My Friends: Soft and Mean
  12. Crocodiles and Inconsiderate Rocks
  13. Broken Precious
  14. Adult Conspiracy
  15. A Child leaves and a Maiden will Return
  16. The Caravan: First Hints
  17. Arakan Debauchery
  18. Adult Games and Drama Children
  19. The River Incident
  20. Demonic Possession
  21. Arakan Abduction

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