According to some, not quite a limerick but there you have it.

Ever wonder how we look — and what we see

A Constant_Limerick

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Interesting that most of us want to

Change – others

Change – the environment

Change – the world

Change – everything

Except – πŸ˜†




    1. Very true, Jane, dear.

      For the life of me I don’t know how I missed replying to your comment. Sorry πŸ™

      Extra hugz coming your way,

    1. Oh dear – was it buried that deep, sorry. No wonder the digger charged me by the hour πŸ™

      I’m going to pass on the BBQ – How is Dead Meat doing? LOL

    2. Eric… it has been a long time. Country living has really taken a bite out of my “discretionary” time. Between Pat’s camp on a lake which we live in, the cabin in the woods, and Pat’s dad’s house, I’m projected out! About all the time I have for internet in to keep my head afloat on e-mails and FB. Did write one poem when my mom passed.

      A Shooting Star

      A shooting star
      one in a million
      a moment in time
      bright and beautiful
      making all around it
      pale in comparison
      as it burns into memory
      Each sighting…
      a place… a time
      each one bringing back
      all that came before
      bringing a smile
      as special times remembered
      never to be forgotten
      One in a million…
      Mom, you are my shooting star

      Hope all is well with you. I am working on a book of short stories… stuff that happened over 20 years in the military. Been working it for 3 years and still not close to done. Time… if I could just grab an hour and stretch the hell out of it. LOL

      1. Hello Steve,
        It’s really great to hear from you. And my, you’ve been keeping busy I see.
        Country living does sound exciting. I envy you but of course, it also means I’m ignoring and glossing over some of the rough that comes with country living. It’s always been my dream to live on a hobby farm in Australia or New Zealand – and God willing, I might one day try some – at least for a few months. Know anyone who needs a “hobby farm sitter” for a couple of months? As long as they have some internet connection … πŸ™‚
        Meanwhile, I do some really wild things in Singapore too – take the occasional walk in a well manicured park πŸ™‚
        Sorry to hear about your Mom. Please accept my (belated) condolences. And what a lovely poem you’ve penned for your her. Shooting Star, one in a million. Meaningful. It’s always wonderful to read how close some people are to their parents.
        I try my best to be supportive without being intrusive in the lives of my 3 children – all adults now.
        All is well with me, thank you for asking. I’m quite busy too and that’s why I dropped off the blog grid.
        Your book sounds so exciting. Are you self publishing or do you have a publisher? If self-publishing, hit me up as I know the routine and can save you some of my blunders. Also, if you want someone to read and comment on your manuscript – I’ll be happy and honoured to participate. I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze out some time. I’m currently working with 4 aspiring authors in Singapore and hope to have them published by November 2016. I should have some time then.
        I wish you all the very best, Steve.
        Keep well, keep writing and God Bless,

  1. And, in the ‘except’ — ’tis where all the masks, faΓ§ades – must be shed to see beyond and in utter truth – and embrace the ‘humanness’ in our ‘being’, for changes can only occur, cultivate, expand once we shed the nonsensical layers that we often wear.
    Loved your thought – keep shining, dear Eric, my friend.

      1. Ah, but, such are your words – one can-not pursue polar opposite path – you cultivate your writings so well, be it in prose, haiku and/or fiction – I have (yet!) to luxuriate at reading your fiction – I shall do the great deed, soon! Hugs.

  2. You’ve gathered a good list of things to change. But except what? Good thing I don’t have anything to change πŸ™‚ (kidding, of course…my list is actually too long.)

  3. Yap, we are the grumpy lot, why don’t they change, why not this way, why why why…. Then we aspire to help the world change…wow !!! If we could start with ourselves first, perhaps we have already started a change.

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