The Prompt Image was > LIGHTHOUSE.

You are all invited to read the different takes – all 55-worders about a lighthouse on a dark stormy night.

I received no less than sixteen (16) contributions! This was after I swept up the first easy four with my post LIGHTHOUSE. Everyone came in spot-on 55 words!

You are invited to take this tour – come along, but please don’t forget your pills if motion sickness affects you. It promises to be a cold topsy-turvy journey.

And in no discernable order, we present:

First off we have a new contributor whom I started reading a couple of months ago. Please welcome Marcus blogging as maxgrankyworld:


Next, we have nightlake blogging as call2read. If you are new here, she was my Blog Pick for March 2013.


The next contributor is a regular reader and commter: Jessicanix blogging as Shadowed in Moonlight


Many of you know Peg Richards blogging as Listening for Joy. Her contribution:

Peg Richards_Lighthouse

Please join me in welcoming penpusherpen blogging as Poems ‘n Stuff and her take.


Many of you will remember C.J. Black blogging as Chris Black

Chris Black_Lighthouse

Susan blogging as A woman’s view of hunting…with men joins us again with:


I started reading Alexiskrystina blogging as Alexiskrystina only recently and was therefore very pleased to have her join us. Please enjoy:


Yoshiko is a regular in the Gallery. Please stop a little to relish the contribution from Yoshiko @ Daylight Tune Ministry


The next participant needs no introduction. Please enjoy the piece from Soumya blogging as SOUMYAV:


Many of you might recall the next contributor, Joyce blogging as REFLECTIONS


Dominic joined the very first Gallery and returns with another piece. I give you Dominic R. DiFrancesco blogging as Black and Write:


The next four are all from new contributors. The first is Sean Bidd blogging as SEAN BIDD:

Sean Bidd_Lighthouse

The second in the quartet, my pleasure to showcase the work by mz_agams blogging as MzAgams:


Please welcome newcomer Blaisesparrow blogging as Fiction for Supper:


Finally, last but certainly not the least, Ben blogging as The Most Excellent Way:


As my good friend Jasey Chua would say: That’s a wrap folks 🙂

If you enjoyed this visit, you are invited to join in the next one. Don’t be shy or anxious as we are here to help to shoe-in and not to criticize.

I shall return on Thursday 2 May with a new Image Prompt, a 55-word Flash Fiction and some guidelines on how you can showcase and share your talent.

Share – Enjoy – Grow – for ultimately, we are left only with memories.


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