Hello people. Thank you for popping over. This week’s 55-word Flash Fiction challenge:

Image prompt is Phases of the Moon

Image Credit @ Free HDWallpaper
Image Credit @ Free HDWallpaper

Here is my take:

55WFF_The Watchman

Dark as usual, I’m afraid. I welcome and would love to read your 55-word contributions.

Some guidelines:

1. Your contributions can be in prose or verse.

2. Please do make it count exactly 55 words (excluding the title, if any).

3. Your contribution does not have to include my title > The Watchman > rather, please draw off the Image, let your imagination float in the night sky.

If you can leave your contributions in the Comments below, I shall be happy to post them in a Gallery on 28 May, giving you full credit and with a link back to your blog.

Many thanks 🙂

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  1. serrated shadows
    heavy stillness

    moon beams
    seep from the round edges of time

    I dance
    to the drifting echoes
    of cricket songs and hidden callers

    Janus has a new face

    cock-crow, clock-stroke
    morning hides behind his hood
    lunacy drips from his lips :

    white, ember, black , grey

    Janus has a new face

    foppish desire
    inchoate dreams

  2. Cool! 55 words though…I don’t think that’s possible in the case of Wolfie! Never was very good at short and concise lol 😉 You have some excellent ones here anyway!

    1. Hello Wolfie – 55 words is challenging, true, but you can do it, I believe.

      Yes, the contributions are great and will do great credit to the upcoming gallery.


  3. Hello Eric. Thanks for dropping in on my blog. Here’s an offering for your challenge.

    Still night, calm sea, full moon.
    Fathers in fitful sleep clutch weapons tight.
    Mothers hush crying children, listening
    For the splash of oars, boots crunching on the strand.

    Storm wind, high sea, moonless night, the watch slumbers.
    Mothers, fathers sleep while thunder roars and waves crash on black rocks.
    Dragon ships will not come tonight.

    1. Hello Jane – thank you for the return visit and ‘following’ my blog. I’m doing likewise and we’ll ‘see’ one another more, I reckon.

      Lovely ‘offering’ that’ll do the ‘gallery’ proud. Thank you.

      All good wishes,

  4. I am late. Again. Haha. But here is a cliche attempt on the moon.

    The Werewolf and the Moon

    She is the clock to my curse.
    I watch as we are both swallowed,
    slowly in possession every night;
    she by the illumination,
    I by the dark.
    The result:
    a revelation of what we are.
    In her full light,
    we gaze at each other’s nakedness.
    And I howl,
    as lonely beings
    enslaved by the night.

    1. No worries, Aubrey – you’re not late as the Gallery post date has been pushed back somewhat due to time constraints at my end.

      This is an apt contribution – werewolf and moon – trapped souls. Thank you for joining.

      Peace, Eric

  5. Time’s End

    After the darkest of nights,
    The first sliver of light shows upon the horizon
    Growing daily until it reaches it zenith
    Then slowly ebbs until only the stars remain.
    This is nature’s poetic metaphor, my friend
    To teach us life’s most important lesson
    Birth, Life, Death
    Unending cycle
    For all of creation
    Until time’s end.

  6. Hi Eric, this is my first contribution – thank you for the inspiration:

    ‘My friend the moon,’ he would say, pointing a chubby finger at the brilliant disc suspended in the sky. In response I would hold him close, inhaling his just-washed, little boy smell.

    I’m sure he would cry when his friend faded to a crust, but perhaps that’s just sentimentality rewriting the story. For my sake.

    1. You’re very welcome and I love this.

      One minor issue – your blog does not show up, only your yahoo email came through here. Can I have your blog link please.

      Thank you 🙂

      1. Thank you, Eric, I’m glad you like it. Sorry – here’s my blog:



  7. Hi Eric
    It’s very hard to resist such a cosmic post – believe me, I tried! 😉
    The following is loosely based on a collection of moon haiku I have written over the last few months. I hope that’s OK. I know it’s probably an obvious choice, but I’d like to call it ‘Reflections.’ Thanks for providing this opportunity – Marcus.

    A half moon flies past the wind turbines again;
    Three quarter moon, mirrored in the building’s curve;
    The full moon ignores my wonder at the top of the stairs;
    Amber moon, far outranking the traffic lights;
    A chocolate moon gives department stores a much needed reprieve;
    Spring moon – looking down on the turbines once more.

    1. Hello Marcus,

      Glad to have hooked you into contributing 🙂 You honour me with your presence and contribution.

      No problems if it’s one that you’ve already posted on your blog – important thing is, it’s yours. “Reflections” is apt, I reckon.

      Thank you and you’re on 🙂

      All good wishes,

    2. Thanks Eric
      This hasn’t been posted on my blog in this particular form. I changed the haiku to one line each, rather than three and adjusted the wording (particularly the last line) so it’s more of a coherent whole – I hope.


    1. I always love it when someone feels that my post is worthy enough to be re-blogged. Thank you, Aaron. You are kind with your words. Much appreciate this, Eric 🙂

    1. Congratulations, Hikari (Pup) – 🙂

      I appreciate you thinking of me and passing this on. Thank you.

      You and Yoshiko have always been very sweet and a delight for me to get to ‘meet’ in Blogsville.

      Have a great weekend ahead,

  8. Watchman stares as if he knew my name.
    His slow slow blink un-nerves me.
    No accusation, no remark –
    the Ruler of the Night contemplates my face.
    Will he give me leave to go?
    The sun’s harsh bleach burned my sight.
    Should Moon reach out,
    his gentlest touch could scatter me like ash.
    He smiles.

    Hey, Eric. Thanks for another spur to write something. Hope all is well down there.
    Our friend Lisa is leaving in late May to visit Singapore for a week – visiting a Chinese family for whom she once did child care and to whom she became close. You may see each other on the street and not realize it. Isn’t that a strange thought?

    1. Hello, Carroll,

      Nice to have you drop in and with a contribution too – this is great, my friend 🙂 And happy to have spurred some writing. All is well, thank you. Trust you and yours are good too.

      Your friend, Lisa, will find Singapore transformed, I’m sure.

      All good wishes for the weekend,

    2. No Lisa is plain old American, born ten miles from here, never been out of the country. It will be an adventure for her. Her dad is a deacon in a nearby church.

      1. Thanks, Carroll – appreciate that. Then, what she’ll encounter will blow her mind – in a nice way, I hope.

    1. Thank you my dear and congratulations on landing all these awards – you’ll need a larger cupboard, me thinks 🙂

      I’m especially pleased as two of these awards are new for me – Interesting Blog Award and Super Sweet Blogging Award.

      Thank you for thinking of me and have a great weekend ahead,

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