Hello people. Thank you for popping over. This week’s 55-word Flash Fiction challenge:

Image prompt is Phases of the Moon

Image Credit @ Free HDWallpaper
Image Credit @ Free HDWallpaper

Here is my take:

55WFF_The Watchman

Dark as usual, I’m afraid. I welcome and would love to read your 55-word contributions.

Some guidelines:

1. Your contributions can be in prose or verse.

2. Please do make it count exactly 55 words (excluding the title, if any).

3. Your contribution does not have to include my title > The Watchman > rather, please draw off the Image, let your imagination float in the night sky.

If you can leave your contributions in the Comments below, I shall be happy to post them in a Gallery on 28 May, giving you full credit and with a link back to your blog.

Many thanks 🙂

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  1. Good morning, Eric. What a great prompt and photo! Here’s my go with them. Blessings, Peg:

    Ebb and Flow

    Life throbs
    Breathe in breathe out
    There is nothing static
    About living full in the now
    Just change

    The moon’s
    Phases mark time
    The ebb and flow of tides
    Upon the water testifies
    Of change

    And I?
    Though I am free
    I’m bound by nature’s law
    That alters me in ebb and flow
    Of change

    1. Hello, Peg – there you are 🙂 I was wondering when you’ll be joining. Thank you for your continuing presence. Always a pleasure to have you here. Cheers, Eric

      1. Thanks, Eric! I was super-challenged yesterday. I’ve been promoted at work and have been putting in ten-to-twelve hour days for the past week, straightening out the messes my predecessor left. (She was fired.) :0 I’ve also posted this in my blog. As always, thank you for your encouragement. Peg.

  2. Sharp shadowed and blue faced, the sleepless poetess sits behind the open window and ponders my ancient face; searching the thief who stole the quiet night just when I turned my back so briefly. But will she find that the silence that reflects in me is patiently waiting in the full moon of her eyes?

  3. The Watchman

    You think you know me
    Are you right
    Do I mean something to you;
    A light
    Moving through the sky
    At night
    I’m much more than just some
    Nocturnal kite
    Without me what would be
    Your plight
    Did you know: life would never have
    Taken flight
    And Who placed me – Someone from
    The Highest Height

    Thanks Eric for doing this. Really appreciate it.

    1. The Watchman

      You think you know me; are you right
      Do I mean something to you; a light
      Moving through the sky at night
      I am more than just some nocturnal kite
      Without me what would be your plight
      Did you know: life would never have taken flight
      And Who placed me – Someone from the Highest Height

      I think that layout is better! Thanks again.

      1. Okay, got it – I’ll use this layout, Ben.

        I also agree – since I use frames to display, this is better for me too – as “tall” posts mean smaller fonts.

        Cheers, Eric

  4. Dear Eric,

    Here is my contribution to The Watchman

    Watchman, Watchman,
    You, O Lord, are my Watchman.
    You, alone, are the Watchman of those who fear You
    Watchman, Watchman,
    Please Watching over me
    Watch over my soul
    Watch over my heart
    Watch over my mind
    With Your beloved Words
    The Bible
    To continually be upon my
    To keep me from evil.

    What type of feelings does it strike to you?

    God bless,

      1. Welcome, Eric.

        Please if you don’t mind I would like to contribute the second one
        Watchman, Watchman,
        You, O Lord, are my Watchman.
        You, alone, are the Watchman of those who fear You
        Watchman, Watchman,
        Please Watching over me
        Watch over my soul
        Watch over my heart
        Watch over my mind
        With Your beloved Words
        The Bible
        To continually be upon my
        To keep me from evil.

        Yoshiko 🙂

  5. I’ve been sitting here,for about half an hour.. trying to come up with a poem. Eric, and this my effort…

    The Watcher

    The moon dressed in all her white glory,
    stares far down with ever careless gaze,
    at those who worship her stark beauty
    by looking upwards, marking every phase
    Her spectral light, it doth truly glisten
    upon the restless, ever churning seas
    as at every wax and waning she lives
    tidal waves follow her focal symmetry…

    many thanks for giving my grey cells a work out… 😉 xPenx

  6. “Orb Spider”

    You see one light while I see many, enough to light my path round and round. A trick of the eyes you see; instead of two I have eight. I know you are kind for you have not killed me; I ask now one favor, artist to artist: don’t destroy my creation, my beautiful web.

  7. Seems the moon gets blamed or cursed, or praised or worshiped, depending on what one expects or wants from it. 🙂 I will try to see what I can come up for the prompt, too.

    1. Absolutely, Joyce – all see the same, and each perceives different.

      I usually hold the window open for 10 days – hopefully, it is sufficient. Would love to receive your contribution.

      Peace, Eric

  8. It travels the eternal sky, merely a crescent, adorning it like a sliver of silver, an enchanting jewel.
    Slowly it blooms. A silver plate now, blinding and ravishing!
    Let not the clouds cloud you, for the wonders are all within you–
    Seen sometimes as a sliver and when the time comes: the blinding silver plate.

    1. Truly the phases of the moon 🙂

      Thank you for this lovely contribution.

      I can’t see your blog and also don’t have your name – if you would supply this, I shall include in the Gallery. Otherwise, I’ll go with what I have and credit it as “Copyright @ Miles To Go”.

      Do let me know if you prefer an alternative,

      1. Thank you for the reply – you are coming through with only your gmail address and nothing more. Perhaps it has to do with your “Setting”.

        Anyway, I’ll fly with what you’ve provided.

        Cheers, Eric

  9. We’re All Phased

    Phases of the moon,
    Change from May thru June.

    A full moon makes loons swoon,
    It prompts grown men to croon.

    It haunts the black baboons,
    As branches they do prune.

    Men stagger from saloons,
    Whistling fragmented tunes.

    The oceans stay attuned,
    Tides fill and drain lagoons.

    Moons do affect monsoons,
    And surely some typhoons.

    1. Hello, Ron

      “We’re All Phased” – like the title too 🙂

      Thank you for joining to make the Gallery fun filled – much appreciate this.

      All good wishes, Eric

  10. Eric, thanks again for the inspiration. Here is mine:

    when I was a kid
    you used to be cheese
    then I grew up
    and felt your eyes

    moonlight magnetic

    man in the moon—
    mother earth’s
    watch him dance
    in the sky for her

    fishermen, sailors
    women flow
    ride the tides
    crescent to full
    the passionate pull

    crazy moon—
    you used to be cheese

  11. I’d like to make a contribution here for the first time.

    It’s called The One who Watches:

    Moon’s face speaks in phrases to men turning
    Paces in frenzied chases while the moon walks
    In calm circles across the sky.

    Mountain’s dark shadow traces the eerie glow
    Of the sun’s echo watching over the meadow
    Too dark to see below except by the effervescence
    Of the one who sees all things from above.

    1. You’re very welcome, Nicole, and thank you for your contribution.

      I’ll be happy to include your poem in th forthcoing Gallery.

      All good wishes,

  12. Dear Eric,

    Great visuals to your poem. You managed to conjure quite a lot into such a compact format. Each line in itself could begin another tale. Nicely done!

    Here’s my take on it, clocking in at 55 words, minus the title. It’s an acrostic poem as well.

    The Moon Beams

    Tethered in space,
    Haloed in darkled skies,
    Enigmatic is our sensuous Moon.

    Magnificent celestial light cast
    Over a blue whorled marble
    Oft times shrouded—hidden—yet
    Never too long so veiled.

    Bathed again in its essence
    Earth succumbs, its pull both
    Alluring and hypnotic, mesmerizing all
    Men who yearn to caress
    Such ethereal feminine mystique.

    Thank you for the great prompt, Eric. It, as always, inspired me.

    Take care,

    1. Dear Paul – Phases of the Moon does hold many meanings depending on the situation one is in. I tried to convey this and glad that you enjoyed it.

      Thank you for your contribution – I left a comment in your post – “celestial” 🙂

      Cheers, Eric

  13. Hi Eric, here’s mine:

    My stride is slow and labored, knowing that each night draws me closer to a freedom and a curse that can only be ended with death. Freedom bringing invincibility, a curse that causes death for the unfortunate soul that crosses my path. While praying for the end of the full moon, to walk upright again.

      1. Thank you, these short flash fictions are fun and challenging trying to say something in very few words. Thank you for letting us contribute.

  14. An exuberant topic and image! My favourite ! And here are the lines for it!

    Within the realm of space a diadem shines far on the forehead
    Emerging from the dust of the universe grows like a crescent
    Until perfection is achieved in eternity, through the days and nights of maturity,
    The magnificent , crowns the darkened sphere by its aura,
    eventually and gradually
    diminishing with the rhythmic pattern of destiny.

  15. Moon paces out the months as she
    Draws the oceans in ebb and flow
    And gives us monthly regularity
    We are linked together and yet,
    Man’s “one small step” indelible on
    Universal world vision completes our union.
    Neil Armstrong takes his “giant leap”
    Hello Houston, planet and moon,
    Our union now in space and time.

  16. Some say it’s lonely here and long for home. They long for safety and anonymous crowds and mother’s breast.

    I say let them go.

    Me and mine will craft a future. We’ll build a place where a man can be counted.

    In ten generations this planet will be an Eden. What will they say then?

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