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In most countries, bank robbers attract 20 years to life.

In most countries, bank robbers end up living in luxury or holding high office.

Here is the rub – there are those who rob banks and bank robbers.

Spot the difference?

Some might consider this a little dated. After all, the 2008 Wall Street crash is but only a bitter memory.

With faded memory, comes renewed adventurism.


The Wall Street crash ruined lives and continues to cause untold miseries for individuals and families – and not only in America. Yes, “untold” because it is not “news” anymore. Let us not lull ourselves into complacency.

Then again, what do we ‘lay people” know, huh? For, arraigned against us are renowned economists and analysts – all experts.

People reckon experts have two attributes – knowledge and experience. I agree many of them have two attributes: “ex” and “spurt”.


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