In most countries, bank robbers attract 20 years to life.

In most countries, bank robbers end up living in luxury or holding high office.

Here is the rub – there are those who rob banks and bank robbers.

Spot the difference?

Some might consider this a little dated. After all, the 2008 Wall Street crash is but only a bitter memory.

With faded memory, comes renewed adventurism.


The Wall Street crash ruined lives and continues to cause untold miseries for individuals and families – and not only in America. Yes, “untold” because it is not “news” anymore. Let us not lull ourselves into complacency.

Then again, what do we ‘lay people” know, huh? For, arraigned against us are renowned economists and analysts – all experts.

People reckon experts have two attributes – knowledge and experience. I agree many of them have two attributes: “ex” and “spurt”.


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  1. I like the picture of the little boy peeing. The bankers need to be drenched in it or worst. Sad thing is they don’t care. Gangsters of the past, well suited crooks of the present – whats the difference. Simply atrocious.

  2. I didn’t think it was possible for a corporation to get millions in federal bail out money, and the execs still get fat bonuses. Oh, how wrong I was…

    1. Actually, the banks received ‘billions’ not ‘millions’ to bail them out. And you are right, Janna, as not much later, the senior executives of these same banks received millions in severance pay and golden handshakes. One thing more that eludes most people – no government in the world has ownership of any money – not a cent! Whatever money these governments dispense, belong to the ‘people’ – who end up carrying the can by paying more taxes and suffering inflation.

      You can understand why an increasing number of people all over the world have no respect for bankers, bank regulators and their politcial patrons.

    1. Banker: “Poetry? Is there any money to be made out of it?”
      Poet: “No, but poetry feeds one’s soul.”
      Banker: “But no money! Sorry!”

  3. some things never change it seems , Eric. sad but true. High way robbers.. on both sites of the fence and the blue collar in the between.
    ciao, Francina

    1. Yes, I recall reading something similar in the local press.

      Yet, there are many ignorant people who brush it off as something caused by greed of the regular joes. These people can’t fathom how the elite clutch of crooks manipulated the system before/after the Wall Street meltdown – yes, let’s blame it on ‘society’

  4. Dear Eric,

    Thank you for having a few chuckles over my work. I appreciate it. Despite the dreariness of dastardly deeds done by Dimon and his bastion of bilking billionaires, sometimes its best to emit a chortle or two. And you are welcome about the nice things. You deserve it!

    Take care,

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