In most countries, bank robbers attract 20 years to life.

In most countries, bank robbers end up living in luxury or holding high office.

Here is the rub – there are those who rob banks and bank robbers.

Spot the difference?

Some might consider this a little dated. After all, the 2008 Wall Street crash is but only a bitter memory.

With faded memory, comes renewed adventurism.


The Wall Street crash ruined lives and continues to cause untold miseries for individuals and families – and not only in America. Yes, “untold” because it is not “news” anymore. Let us not lull ourselves into complacency.

Then again, what do we ‘lay people” know, huh? For, arraigned against us are renowned economists and analysts – all experts.

People reckon experts have two attributes – knowledge and experience. I agree many of them have two attributes: “ex” and “spurt”.


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  1. Dear Eric,

    Thank you for keeping the message alive, a very important posting on the rapacious greed of the big banks. They certainly do have the last laugh, chortling as they fondle their piles of ill-gotten gains.

    Here is my haiku on the subject:

    Fed-Up Reserves

    Banksters bask in cash
    Funds stashed in off-shore accounts
    Pilfered from the poor.

    Thanks again, Eric, and we must all fight against the juggernaut of the 1%.

    Take care,

    1. LOL – this haiku is great. I love also the title “Fed-Up Reserves”

      A play on Federal Reserves; how people are ‘fed-up’; and how ‘well-fed’ these ex Fed Reserve people are – as they all hail from Wall Street banks and protect their own.

      Have a great start to the week, Paul.

      🙂 Eric 🙂

  2. Oh boy Eric… don’t get me started! The system can’t get any more corrupt than it is. About money… see if you can find “Modern Money Mechanics” put out by the Federal Reserve Bank just for starters. Jekyll Island, how a national bank was created. I’m stopping now because I’ll get really pissed if I continue.

      1. I knew we were on the same page. It’s frustrating to have all the info out there and people just refuse to even read it, then talk as if they are learned in the subject. The computer is acting really strange… Sometimes I can get on it for 30 – 60 minutes. Other times I can’t even connect to the net. Sometimes I can read e-mails, but cannot respond to them. Same with FB and WP. I’m in the process of backing up everything onto disc so I can re-install my operating system and start from scratch. Never know what’s going to happen minute to minute. Stuff happens. 😀

    1. Most of us will be pushed over the cliff by the blue-suited crooks and their politician/patrons – it is not an “if” but a “when” – I seriously believe this will happen within the next 10/15 years if not sooner!

  3. The world is not out of the woods yet. Europe will continue in recession through next year too and in our global village world any key economic player could drag the rest of us into another financial hell.

  4. A high five and a haiku for you…

    The rich get richer
    The poor remain as they are
    Sometimes life’s not fair.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

    © 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

  5. If it were only so simple. We need our villains but ours is the plight of all good economies: greed run rampant, and it certainly is not just greedy bankers or regulators. It goes all the way to people who sold houses to people who couldn’t pay the mortgage and the people who can’t pay their mortgages. All of society was reckless and stupid, not just bankers.

    1. I read a couple of posts in your blog and pardon me if I didn’t leave any comments. I don’t know you well enough and commenting on personal pain – well, one can easily cross the line and cause more hurt. Be informed that I pray daily and include people whom I encounter, in my thoughts.

      Thank you for this award and I much appreciate it.

      Peace, Eric

  6. Spot on Eric. The blue suits, with help from politicians, get away scot-free, isn’t that how it has always been?

    1. Thank you, Madhu and yes, you’re right.

      There are many books, articles, papers, docu-dramas and anecdotal evidence – all pointing to the shenanigans of bankers, politicians and even academics. Nothing much has changed – it will recur, I reckon.

      Peace, Eric

  7. Hello! Been a long time. Judging by the amount of posts on your blog I can assume you are hale and hearty.

    A proper watchdog may help solve the monetary issues of all countries.

    1. Hello Ramu – yes, I read your recent post. Trust the exams went well – even a layperson can attempt them, you say. All good wishes with the results.

      Yes, but the thieves come with juicy morsels to keep these “watchdogs” quiet.

      Peace, Eric

    1. After the Wall Street crash – I’ve lost faith in ALL bankers and most regulators. I belief the man-in-the-street will pay for his ignorance and apathy again – as the fundamentals that triggered the crash are still very much alive.

      1. @Bumba – All banks are regulated. The questions that beg answers – Are the regulations adequate; are the regulators independent enough and diligent enough?

        If you think Canada is unique with all 3 questions drawing “Yes” answers – something all the central banks of the world can learn from.

  8. It is supposed to have not reached Australia but the average working person was affected by it. But the government does not recognised it. Well said

    1. It has affected all of us I reckon – more US dollars flooding the market (QE) and those countries holding US dollars as part of their reserves —

      Thank you Barb and have a great weekend ahead,

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