🙂 I gives me singular pleasure to announce My Blog Pick for May 2013

Dee G. Vachal blogging as lillies, sparrows and grass

Dee_Blog Pick May_2013

Dee posts lovely images – her lilies, as I call them – and all so beautiful, soothing and uplifting.

She writes poems and her words sing and flutter – her sparrows. Quite often, her choice of words is unique. Here is an extract from one of her recent poems The Warmth of Summer’s Rain :

“Upon the cobblestones / the smoldering coals / of melting snow”

Take a moment to dwell on this imagery.

Oh, she also writes articles, which borrow mostly from Scripture. These I refer to as – her grass. After grazing, one needs to chew and mull to relish her words.

I dedicate this haiku for my dear friend in Blogsville – Dee 🙂

Welcome to the feast, and feast.

Feast_Blog Pick_May 2013

Something else I wish to share about Dee – she is accomplished in many ways and I suggest you visit and read her About the Blogger page.

What struck me most of about Dee is the time she apparently invests in ALL her comments she posts in my blog. She consistently shares ideas and opinions which I find profound and triggers further thoughts for me. Those of you who know my leanings, can understand how much I cherish such writing.

I can go on but shall add one more snippet and stop.

You know that some of my posts are controversial but Dee displays her inner confidence as revealed in her comments – always empathetic.

Dear people, many of you already know her but for the few who don’t – please pay Dee a visit. You will not be disappointed > lillies, sparrows and grass

Dee, my friend, it is my pleasure to read your works and I hope you continue to share your love and wisdom. God bless you and yours.

🙂 Eric 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Carroll – Dee is a marvellous and gifted soul and I’m not surprised that you found her writings to your ‘taste’.

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Hello Jeanne,

      That’s kind of you and I’ll even take a ‘big hugz’ 🙂

      I notice that “lillies, sparrow and grass” is one of the blogs you follow – that is lovely.

      Peace and hugz, Eric

  1. I’ve just travelled through to Dee’s site Eric, a wonderful experience. many thanks for pointing me and others in such a wonder-filled direction.. There are so many fantastic people with so much talent, sharing their ideas. thoughts and poems though blogging, I try to take a ‘space walk’ as I call it,every now and again. but time makes it a short one unfortunaely… xPen

    1. Happy for you and for Dee that you found her blog a wonderful experience, Penny G. All of us are challenged by lack of time and such ‘recommendations’ help us zoom in on blogs with great content.

      All good wishes,

  2. Dear Eric, this is a heartwarming surprise. I am overwhelmed by your post referring to my blog as your blog pick for May 2013. After traveling over 20 hours again from the East Coast USA to Asia, here I am sleepless, fortunate with a smidgen of internet connectivity for a while, and smiling with shock (picture that). Thanks again, Eric. I am grateful beyond words. Luv and peace, Dee

    1. Oh dear, caught you at a wrong time, Dee, but also glad you managed to drop over and post a comment. I’m very happy indeed that you’re smiling – that’s great 🙂

      Have a good visit, rest, enjoy and we’ll ‘catch up’ upon your return stateside.

      Luv and peace to a dear friend who has given me much with her posts and comments,

  3. It’s lovely to read personal recommendations for other blogs and the bloggers behind them – thank you for pointing out a blog I would otherwise probably not have found.

  4. Congrats to the blog pick! The blogname itself sounds very delicate and exquisite! Just been there through the link and Iam really happy I didn’t miss this!

    1. Hello Soumya dear,

      Yes, I believe you’ll enjoy Dee’s poems – they speak plenty and beautifully.

      All good wishes,
      P/s I read in your blog today that you’ve been very busy. Trust all is well.

  5. Congrats to Dee on being your blog pick for this month. The blog sounds very interesting Looking forward to visit later today. It is wonderful and kind of you to encourage bloggers (including me) and introducing them to new readers.

    1. Dear Padmini – I know you take my recommendations seriously and I appreciate this vote of confidence. You continue to post excellent works and it is my pleasure to read your posts. I believe I know a little bit of your writing style and Dee will not disappoint you. Cheers, Eric

      1. Just went through the blog and the poem were delightful. Also enjoyed the read on Dee’s parents. Thank you 🙂

      2. Thank you, Padmini –

        Yes, the land is rich and fertile and pushes out marvellous shoots for our enjoyment.

        Peace, Eric 🙂

    1. Thank you. Appreciate your visit and comment.

      There are many wonderful blogs out there. Considering our time constraints, I search out bloggers who give consistently great reads – and I’m happy to honour and share them.

      Mutual self-help, I reckon 🙂

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