I came across a shell by the seashore – emptied of Life but filled with —


When bright lights dim and spin-doctors fell silent –

How shouts your life lived?

What would you like to hear?

Be still — hear the ocean — whisper —



    1. You’re very welcome, Baldy.

      Can you leave behind your blog link – I can’t seem to log in as WP says > “oopshowdthathappen.wordpress.com is no longer available”

  1. The noise from conch shells, although explained scientifically, still hold magic inside them. I love this poem and the thought it inspires.

  2. Your haiku, Eric, gives poignant meaning to the reverberations of one’s life long after it is gone, and the challenge, while alive, of making the right choices each day. A sobering thought. Peace, Dee

    1. Hello and thank you, Dee – for your sharing.

      The scars of life, tales of paths travelled
      So, it is with the fashions of the shell
      What ‘oceans’ traversed
      We wonder

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Very true, Steve

      How many notice the lines on their palms – altering as the years roll by. Mysteries these, held in our very palms – yet, we seek to uncover the mysteries of the universe – the ‘universe’ resides in our palms

      Peace, Eric

  3. I too have never lived too far from water no matter where I have lived, and I have moved frequently throughout my life having lived in several countries. One of my favourite places to walk is along the beach where I live now. There is always a strong wind blowing, the kind that blows away the cobwebs of the day. I love the sense of expanse and openness and the opportunity to catch that unique sunset, a photo of which I used on a post recently.Shells are rare on the beach here as we have little sand, so the ones we find are special indeed.

    1. Thank you very much for this recognition and the wonderful words about my posts 🙂

      Congratulations also for landing the Versatile Blogging Award – Emn?

      Peace, Eric 🙂

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