In a flock, one can’t differentiate one flamingo from the other.

Get closer and we note the peculiarity of each bird.

Get closer and … extrapolate …

Ordinary People

Why “identically different” 🙂

A quote from Fallen Grace : “You toss up the pieces and it never falls into place in exactly the same pattern twice.”

There is plenty more than meets the eye > Be Gone Satan!


The Brothers Grinn

return on

On Saturday, 18 May

Oh, no 😯



  1. So glad you liked Mud because it brought me here to read about the flamingos – love that you’re writing about our greatest paradox- the one in the many and the many in the one. I think it’s the engine that drives our cosmos. My favorite word is “extrapolate”- what a heavenly charge- says it all dear wiseman

    1. Hello Christine (or is it Magdalene?)

      Welcome aboard 🙂

      Individually, the pixels of life are identical – but with limitless variations of conjoining, I reckon. There’s no one right answer – only the answer that is right – for each of us.

      Thank you and all good wishes,

  2. Everything in the universe are like jigsawed pieces that combine to unify, no two pieces are the same. So who said : birds of the same feather flocks together…LOL.

    You always come up with some thought-provoking post. Enjoyed this one immensely.

    1. You’re right – different pieces making a whole, members of a family – and see how we quarrel and kill, when we should love. Peace, Eric

  3. one thing i realized here in wordpress especially among writers… we’re all different but still we’re all alike. We write about different things and have different writing styles but more or less, we have the same goals– to express, to connect, and to inspire 🙂

    1. Hello Joseyphina,

      You landed 6 awards in one go! Congratulations six fold 🙂

      With well over 700 blog followers, I feel honoured that you chose me to be among your 15 nominees. Thank you my dear 🙂

      All good wishes, Eric

  4. How would you even know that you were being different if your perception adjusts to your experience? Maybe you might remember that things were the same, but on foresight rather than hindsight you realise that they probably won’t be? It’s all pink; flamingos are all pink.

  5. My mind went right to the x-ray of my “boxer’s break” in my right hand. Forever there will be a grayed area, the line of demarcation, where, althought healed, the area could not heal to the exactness of the hand, pre-break. On the ouside, on a good day, the hand looks fine, but come closer and see a slight bump there, and how different it seems than my left hand. I don’t know why my mind went there, but you did it again…made me think. Even at * am, when usually I am brian dead, until noon 🙂

    1. Well, Eva, my apologies if this triggered painful memories.
      Strange that your mind to this memory wanders
      What catalyst his words, this author wonders
      The beast that did this, now unloved, wanders
      A treasure, he abused and lost, but why we wonder

      You are so right – beneath lies the marks of life.

      Luv and hugz,

      1. Eric, No apology necessary because while the break in my hand happened because I punched the headboard of my bed (instead of my husband, better choice, no jail time LOL) it serves as a reminder that every rift may not be repaired as good as new, including my marriage and my hand. I am stronger from this knowledge and while easily reminded of his misdeeds, I am going to be ok.

        Beautiful sentiment. Thank you for being a friend.


  6. A lot of wisdom lies in this piece, Eric. Like some of the commentaries already, ‘identically different’ had me thinking in a couple of ways: though unique, we are basically the same. It’s also true that there will be two sides to every thing in life–a balancing effect.

    1. Thank you, Uzo, for your visit and contribution.

      I hoped “identically different” would set off tangential streams and you’re right – readers comments reflect the trove of thoughts floating out there. We’ve seen marvellous contributions.

      Peace, Eric

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