As Good Friday approaches, I decided to share this thought and small incident.

Considering who He is, He epitomizes humility.


A few years ago, when Lisa and I met her godparents at a parking lot, we wanted their blessing. Katherine is Irish and John a Singaporean Chinese, but they had settled in the USA decades ago and were visiting Singapore. Instinctively, Lisa and I went down on our knees and it blew their mind, what with people and cars passing. For us, it was a natural position to receive blessings from our parents.

This is not extraordinary, as in many cultures, it is customary to bow low and to even touch forehead to earth – yes, in this day and age.

Whatever our Faith and how-so-ever we address Him, it matters not,

But only that we pray and never forget our “roots” and He who nourishes us.

A dialogue between Father and Son.


No Post Tomorrow & Saturday – Good Friday prayers, meditation & reflection

Happy Easter Sunday to All who celebrate

Monday 1st April – “BLOG PICK for APRIL”.



  1. An absolutely beautiful post, my friend. You, like me, are blessed with extraordinary godparents, and the further blessing is recognizing that as a marvelous gift. May you and your loved ones find great joy throughout this season! Kathryn

    1. Kathryn dear – you honour me, when you address me as “friend”. Thank you 🙂

      Yes, sometimes we take the people loving us for granted. Happy that you too have people who ring fence you with love.

      Thank you for your well wishes.

      May you and your loved ones continue to draw from a well of abundant love and peace,

    1. That’s wonderful Dee and very much touches me. Thank you for sharing the names of your loved ones.

      I wish you and your lovelies A Joyous Easter on behalf of my family – Lisa, Alicia, Adamson, Amelia and Eric 🙂

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