Some believe in one roll of the dice – when this life is over – it is over

Others don’t —-


Why argue, when we’ll know Truth soon enough.

Meanwhile, do unto others — you know the rest 🙂



  1. We are set off a-running, even before we can stand on our own. When time ceases to exist for us, we’ll find out who our master is. Until then, slaves to the grind for old Father Time, Mother Earth, and other kissing cousins (hehe).

    Again, beautiful stated. You set the bar so high that I’m searching for crumbs on the ground that don’t exists because they crumbled into bits of nothing before they could reach me.

    Your blog is by far my favorite. xx

    1. Thank you Eva dear – for your presence and compliments.

      Why devalue yourself and search for crumbs that elude you?
      Have you not thought that you search places, wrong
      For you, the table is set
      And you the mistress of your life
      No one, and I mean this sincerely Eva,
      No one, masters over you!

      Peace, luv and hugz,

      1. Eric,
        I meant that your poetry and writings have set the bar so high that I could never reach the height you have. So I salute you, my friend xx

  2. really nice reworking of the tenets. Particularly like the thought of why bother arguing about something that will soon sort itself out. Very nice Eric.

  3. Nice one Eric! I see two journeys… the one the physical body makes creating many things as it exits; the unknown journey our “essence” may or may not take, and we don’t find out the truth until it’s too late. My plan is to do the best I can while I’m here, and again if there is another run waiting.

    1. I tend to agree with your sentiments, Steve

      Do the best we can, here – and if there is another life – well, do the best again. In time, we’ll know. I don’t insist on having all the answers now and in this life.

      One thing is for sure – call it faith – I don’t think we are hamsters in a flywheel.

      1. I’m with you on the hamster thing! LOL
        I’ve occasionally wondered if we aren’t destined to keep coming back here until we get it right. ‘~’

  4. I am not concerned so much about death – though I am averse to pain. And I have no doubts about the goodness of God. What bothers me is the aridity of this life. Right now, I should know God better than I do. Let’s not wait until we are dead to find out what is real, and let’s not give up hope of knowing better today what we are all starving to know better.

  5. Eternal repose would be so boring, don’t you think? I’m sure our Father has something better in mind for us! My hopes for my own children go far beyond them forever resting.

    Your words are insightful and ring true, Eric.


    1. Eternal repose does sound boring – yet that’s what many believe and preach. Yes, we all wish for something infinitely better.

      Thank you Peg, and all good wishes,

  6. Yes I find it difficult to accept the dogmatic athiest position you die and that’s the end of the line. There has to be something more and it has to be more than the popular conception of sitting on a cloud and strumming a harp. LOL. As you’ve observed in some of your current chapter speculations time has no meaning in space, its a concept based for us on the rotation of this earth, which is a dwarf among the heavenly bodies. We will know to a fuller extent what after life offers at that time.

    1. I too don’t subscribe to ‘nothingness’ – there must be more. But having said that – each to his/her own.

      The modern version is probably one of sitting on a cloud, in leathers and steel studs, body piercings and playing computer games 🙂

  7. Sometimes I think that one life is tough enough, why go for re-run, let’s get through with this first. But I reckon that being human, we will get bored with the wings or the fiery furnace whichever we land ourselves in and then ask to come back for more. Just like the cycle of life, so the cycle of grumbling, moaning, protesting etc., begins. Sorry Eric, I must be grouchy today !!

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