Sword and Salvation went hand-in-till with Mammon.


So, the Journals of Great Discoveries and Conquests were written —

Great Truths – scattered as ashes in the wind —-

Is this well done of our fathers —



  1. Your post was very disturbing, and I took some days to think about it. This is my interpretation:

    You say ‘auxiliaries’ meaning Roman auxiliaries. Human flesh and blood – is this referring to cannibalism or Holy Communion? If so, you’re hinting of double standards here. One for the barbarians and one for the so called civilized people.

    Incidentally, who is the “Barbarian’ here – it is quite obvious for me. Interesting the man who claims to know about heaven – knows very little about God.

    As usual your post is convoluted and layered – but still disturbing, especially for those who would rather sweep these things under the mat.

    1. My my Jasey – you’ve dropped off a bit and welcome back 🙂

      Whew! You sure dissected my flash fiction – I just have to make it more convoluted – feeling a little exposed.

      Yes, for many people, some things are best not exposed 🙂

  2. Sometimes, religious books are so misunderstood. It is better take only the positive things from any religious book (like charity, being kind to others) and leave out the unclear aspects

    1. Very true, Padmini – but the problem is, some people are so convinced of their faith (or perhaps not convinced enough and need the numbers for comfort) that they are adamant about ‘saving’ others. Sad.

  3. The things mankind has done in HIS name! Wars-a-plenty. Cheap whiskey and sex, throw those in as well! Woot! I’m sure my carcass won’t be saved because I don’t proclaim to do anything in the name of the Almighty, save swear an awful lot! LOL.

    1. Ah, but by not doing much – you do plenty – for HIM
      Discern and you’ll know what I mean
      I too don’t do much
      We leave that to the drinkers of cheap wine
      And gatherers of mortal trinkets

  4. This is stunning, the clarity and vision both bring the reader up short. What is done in the name of religion, the demand of faith to save another’s soul – – mind boggling.

    My answer, leave my soul to me.

    1. I’m with you on this one, Val – leave my soul to me 🙂

      Even now, many can’t bring themselves to face this horrid past and prefer to ignore these excesses or worse, make excuses. Amazing!

  5. Powerful in a dark way….this is definitely a scene in many episodes of history. The people who thought they were saving souls probably thought they were and had the best of intentions but good intentions sometimes leads to oppression and injustice. It’s something to think about. And self-righteousness is always disgusting to see in any form.

  6. at the heart of all Religions,Eric, surely Peace, love and Harmony is preached. ‘Tis only man’s interpretation which is at fault.. using out of context phrases to justify violence to gain the upper hand over differing beliefs… All ‘sides’ believe they are followers of ‘the One God’ … and therefore feel fully righteous and justified in whatever atrocities they commit in his name.. . Makes you so ashamed to be a human, … xPenx

    1. Very true, Penny G

      Man’s intepretation is just that – man’s interpretation, and not some divine revelation. As long as they adorn themselves with some cockerel feathers and hide behind big institutions and even bigger titles – see how the sheep cower.

      Shame is not in their lexicon, it would seem.


    2. So true. It’s comforting to know that there are some who recognize this fatal and deadly flaw in religious obsession.

      1. There is an increasing number of people willing to challenge the excesses of ‘organised’ religions – many hijacked by small minds with large egos.

        My belief is mine and I will reap what I sow – I can learn from all, but not all are my teachers.

        P/s Thank you for subscribing to my blog – I’ve done likewise to receive your posts. We’ll ‘see’ one another more in Blogsville 🙂

  7. Humanity fell
    Like ashes from a chimey
    Over the winter land
    And still we lament
    Ignoring our choices as
    Many follow still.

    Our past is our present for many, it’s easier I suppose for many to just put their heads down and follow, never asking, but ready to condemn those who choose differently, there’s something very sad about seeking one’s own comfort killing others. Thought provoking post Eric, thank you and Peace to you. Georgia.

    1. That is a lovely poem, Georgia – ignoring our choices, indeed – good one!

      If there are wolves aplenty, it is only because sheep proliferate even more.

      Peace and blessings,

  8. Hi Eric, very vivid within so few words.

    Long before there was written history, before there was organized religion, there was spirituality of a nourishing kind. Both mind and body and how most humans conducted their lives were in tune with one another and nature. Once religion became a powerful organized entity. the spirituality existing in most lands and most peoples were ripped away from the people. Today is the result! That which truly needs saving is our inborn memories of “knowing”, the remembering of our spiritual/inspirational natures that lay within us. Dormant for so many for so long. The natural order is hidden now from most, It is still there, we just can’t sense it the way we should.

    Just my view of things here.

    1. Hello Penny,

      I fully agree with your take on spirituality – and am happy to note a growing number of people leaving the folds of “organised religion” and seeking their roots.

      All spirituality has religion but not all religions have spirituality within – I reckon.


  9. The inhumanity of the self-righteous–making “the truth” into a license to condemn. What is man, that God is mindful of him? A troubling post, Eric.


    1. The burning at the stake has stopped – but the killings continue even today – propelled by self righteousness as you say, but under new guises.


    1. Even now Madhu, people go around kniving, shooting and blasting – all in the name of some sick god – and some people justify these barbarous acts.

  10. The sad thing is that people who did such horrific things, like burning people at the stake, probably had very good motives, very often; sincerely hoping to save their victims souls. Quite a perversion of the ideas of love and mercy.

    1. You are a kind and generous soul, David, and I admire you for this.

      I am less so.

      Love God, Love Neighbour – I can’t take that great leap of faith to see how burning people at the stake can be interpreted to be meeting these basic tenets. The people who hid behind cloaks and laws and committed these vile acts are – at best, lunatics and at worst, raw brutal evil. I cannot for now find it within me to accept that they ‘probably had very good motives’.

      Like I said, you are generous and I hope to one day, attain this level of understanding.


      1. Well I certainly can’t really speak for anyone in particular; maybe I am being too generous.

        The problem is also that peaceful religions have often been hijacked by people with other motives so the things done in the name of Christianity or any other religion are often the complete opposite of what it teaches. Would Jesus want people burned at the stake? The question is laughable.

      2. A laugable question indeed even for people with the most rudimentary understanding of Jesus’s teachings – which renders these past actions, of men of the cloth, as vile.

  11. A case of “the end justifies the means, that justifies the end” — a vicious circle. This rings so close to home, growing up in a country discovered by Magellan, bringing both cross and sword to our native shores (although I am a descendant of the Spanish, Chinese, and Malay races) … and mixing in the superstitions and the fears of the natives into their commissioned “salvation” — this flash fiction proposition is so true (and chilling)— the Great Truths and the very essence of “Salvation” are scattered in the wind, and what is left is a pseudo religion bondage mixed in with the idolatry of the natives.

    1. Yes, throughout the ages many peoples – from barbarians in Germania to Indians in South/Central America – have been “saved”. Fortunately, “saving” by fire was not widespread in Asia.

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