1. Wow, true enough. The words remind me of the Book of Proverbs. It is like summing up some chapters of the Proverbs.

      1. True enough, I also feel thankful and privileged to be HIS vessel.


    1. Very truely spoken Steve.
      This is like the water of life – takes the shape of the container
      And water itself can be friend or foe…
      Thank you for your visit and comment,

  2. In TRUTH, there is an element of trepidation to discover, in ILLUSORY CALM, it touches the reaction upon discovery. The link in both is inseparable. Generally we are deluded by the illusory calm, either we choose to be oblivious or we do not wish to seek the truth. TRUTH can be both enlightening and scary, hence the caution to tread safely. Remarkable…indeed.

  3. Eric, I had not found your blog back on 12/11/2011, but I enjoyed this TRUTH post–and this follow-on here about being wary of illusory calm: sort of like the calm before the storm, me thinks. Excellent cautionary post.

    1. Dear Granbee – yes, TRUTH was posted before we ‘met’ in Blogsville.

      Yes, many merrily stomp on paths unwary or spew words unsavoury…rewards there might be, scary…

  4. Your select choice of words are always so powerful Eric,
    you make sure to make the most impact…really the first two lines lure you into a feeling of gentle caution and your last line just lays the actions bare and really make one stop, think and realize. What a gift you have =) Take care, Que.

  5. I’m not sure why, but this reminded me strongly of one of my favorite quotes from the musical “Into the Woods”. It’s in the end song, and it hits me hard every time I hear it.

    “…wishes come true, not free.”

    It’s such a needed warning, something that everyone should know…that every thought, every longing, every wish, has a consequence, has a life, beyond the mind!

    I love your ability to make something so clear in so few words. 🙂

    1. KC,

      Now you’ve got me thinking…and thank you for this, as I love delving into these subjects.

      It has to do with mind over matter – one can make something happen if one meditates and ‘wills’ it enough, I reckon. Once again, thank you for jogging this thought.

      Saying more with less – a challenge that I simply enjoy and thank you for your compliment.

      I’ve to log off now but shall pop over to your blog in the morning (my time).
      Good night, Eric 🙂

    1. My dear buddy, Jane,

      I love your visits and comments but am compelled to say this with utmost love.

      You are going through a rough patch – therefore, please do not feel obliged to visit and post comments. Take a break, do whatever works for you and return when you are up to it. As true friends, we can pick up where we left off.

      However, if you wish to visit and comment, there is none happier than moi 🙂

      Luv and great big hugz, Eric

      1. You lovely man I shall say this with the utmost love back to you….I have been in the rough for a fair few years now and weariness had started to dog my heels. I got stuck in fear for the first time Jan/Feb this year. The sun is now breaking on the horizon for me and I can look forward with hope (I never lost that), humour (I didn’t lose that either) and now a new love that has awakened my creativity…this girl’s wings are stretching once more and all is well. Whilst I still had breath in my body it always was well, I momentarily lost my ‘sight’ that was all. I love visiting your blog, it helps more than you realise. So my lovely buddy thank you for your care and I send my love to you, Lisa and your loved ones…big hugs xxxx

    1. Your comment brought a smile to my face. I did wonder whether I had hidden the metaphor so deep that it might elude everyone – but not you 🙂

      I don’t want to embarrass you by saying this – but you do impress me as a very deep thinker. All those decades you spent travelling and observing in a multitude of countries…

      Thank you Ian. Thank you.

  6. I would love for you to contribute to my blog, which I want to be interactive. Seven minutes from you “present,” what ever that may be. See Introduction to the Heron’s Path at theheronspath.com for explanation. Either post there or as a response to something one of my posts may elicit from you. Love to make you a featured writer. Thanks! Alethea

    1. Dear Alethea,

      I’m honoured that you consider my writing to be worthy for your blog. I’ve had similar requests but turned them down with sincere apologies as time does not permit. I normally load and schedule my posts days ahead – all in one go, when I snatch time.

      As a self-employed business consultant, my clients have priority on my time. On top of that, I write – quite a bit – two novels and three business books in the last two years. Check out My Books above. I’m currently working on two more novels and in the crucial start-up phase of a third. For me the start-up is crucial as it means I’ve to give up something…time wise.

      If you wish, feel free to trawl my blog and re-blog any post that catches your fancy, with suitable copyright credit.

      I’ll certainly visit your blog and post comments if I’ve something worthwhile to contribute.

      I do hope for your understanding in this matter. All good wishes, Eric

      1. We both have a lot on our plates, and I do understand. I’m trying to find a life away from the computer, taking walks, meeting people in real time . . . Thank you for the invitation to trawl. I keep learning new blogging vocabulary. Take care. I look forward to reading your posts.

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