1. Yes, I sure did. You’ve had a colourful life 🙂

      Thank you for your kind compliments. God willing, I intent to keep writing. Cheers, Eric

  1. It took me some time before I get what the line “be careful how you soak the sponge” but after I get it, I fall in love with it, heehee ^_^ very lovely work Sir Eric, 😀
    I agree, experiences in your childhood days are probably the first ones you encounter in life and once they made an impression on our mind it’s like a permanent ink you can’t erase and can never be replaced.

    1. I recall a neighbour who used to freak out when she sees a worm. Her fear transplanted to her son and this man – now 35 years old – went road biking with me along Seletar Reservoir. A fat worm landed on his shoulder, he panicked and crashed his bike into the bushes…

  2. I’ll admit I was thinking what in the world? When I read “Be careful how you soak the sponge” So very true to life Eric =) I remember the days when the adults would gather and speak of the supernatural, and seeing them scared/unsettled, unsettled us that much more…of course Mum would notice and say “not here, not here only back home” but our imaginations would remain unconvinced!

    “Parents sow and children reap…”

    Really Eric it’s a pleasure to follow your comments there is always sure to be a gem hidden in all that well deserved praise and kind exchanges =) Take care, Que

    1. Yes, adults tend to do that – without realising that once sprinkled, it takes root…

      I leave little trinkets along the path – happy are those who spot them…and happier am I to have made them happy 🙂 You’ve given more than I’ve given you 🙂

  3. We indeed should take GREAT care what notions and thoughts and images we implant in the minds of the young! I remember WISHING a dragon would come out from under my bed and scare off those pesky, trick-playing young boy cousins!

  4. I remember vividly my childhood fears of the unknown(s). I have similar sensations when I venture out at night in the woods… however, now they are attached to well-knowns… coyotes, bear…. I’m always wondering if one is watching me.

  5. I went to view a few of your publications today. Wow! I really like your style!!! “Smart Ah Leck” had me cracking up, haha… And I like the interchanges with ‘ghost writer’. Brilliant!!! 😀

    1. I posted a comment in your Soul in Limbo > swallowed by spam 🙁

      Glad you like Mechanic Leigh and his exchanges with the “ghost writer” 🙂 I could not complete “Smart Ah Leck” because it had me cracking up as I wrote. For those who missed it > http://wp.me/p1YE83-5W

      Have fun, Eric

      1. Ahh, I rectified that problem just now. I hope it never happens again. The audacity of WordPress to classify the comment of one of my favourite bloggers as SPAM!!! Oh man!! :S Thanks for stopping by Eric. Your presence there is always appreciated.

    1. Very true Aparna on both counts – an illusion with potential to debilitate. For many, when fear grips it becomes very real, though all in the mind…

  6. Hi Eric, love your work…just wanted to say i just this minute got your comment life is a gift from last week…was in spam…I appreciate it and it is…Thanks. Look forward to seeing continued excellent work…john

    1. Hello John,
      Thank you. After the first ‘unspam’ future posts will go through – it has to do with the Setting, I reckon.
      All good wishes,

  7. This is spooky. We are having early Halloween. But so true, these ghost/bedtime stories make you hold your bladder during the night for fear of treading the “long mile” to the toilet.

  8. You are so right on it Eric..we,all of us should be careful what we are showing to our kids,what they are hearnig from us…our life in private or public does have a huge impact on our kids behavioural pattern as a kid and when they grow up…. I just loved the first line ” take care how you soak the sponge”
    brilliant 🙂

    1. Dear Soma,

      Rightly you have taken this to the next level. We are teachers mostly unqualified and making a mess of it…we can blame the social environment but for every wayward child – there is a parent “guidng” him, I reckon.

      Glad you love that ‘sponge’ 🙂

    1. This is a new one and so funnnnnny! Creative and Chaotic…Congratulations Jen 🙂

      Crazy Wisdom? Okay, I’ve read that note about the Tibetan monk and take this as high compliment Thank you dear Jen.

      Luv and hugz, Eric

      1. I post every day – you must have too many to read – in addition – my posts are being written in different time zones over the last two weeks – makes them harder to read at 2:00 am 🙂

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