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Once outside the school compound…Edwin and Kim plodded in silence, their footsteps crunching the dirt track. Half a mile later, they turned off the main road into a sidetrack.

Then he felt her hand skim against his. Though hurt and mortified, he recognized the thrill of her touch but dared not look at her. Their fingers tangled, sticky with sweat. He trembled and dared not swing his arms. He walked awkwardly with one arm holding her hand in a stiff clasp and the other, some books.

Gosh, he marveled at her soft hand, convinced that she was the most wondrous creature on earth. He focused on every brush of his hand on her hip as her soft muscles tensed and relaxed with her steps.

He stammered something unintelligible. Her response was equally tremulous and unintelligible. That made him braver. They glanced sideways at each other. She smiled and gripped his hand tighter.

The fork of the gutted track approached where she would take a right, and he would go straight. He shortened his steps, searching for an excuse to delay their parting.

He stopped. A butterfly among the shrubs caught his interest. He acquired a new hobby. He leaned and studied the insect. His movement pulled her forward and her hip pressed against his. It felt soft and shivered in tiny spasms. Their heads closed together. He felt the warm air of her hot cheeks on his and smelled her sweet breath. He mumbled something about the butterfly and she mewed in agreement.

Drat! The insect lost interest and fluttered away.

No more butterflies, he sighed as his eyes swept the brushes frantically.

No dragonflies, not even a miserable fly! He could have studied flies all afternoon.

(An Extract from my novel – Beck And Call, A Business Thriller Set In Singapore)