1. Hello and thank you, Norryn 🙂

      As Ian mentioned above – these epics are majestic and it’s easy for writers such as myself to ride that crest, I reckon.


    1. Wow! Indira dear,

      You’re trawling my old posts – how lovely 🙂

      Yes, isn’t it – to be able to cry not for ourselves but for our tormentors – that’s godliness, I reckon.

      Peace and blessings,

  1. I saw this older post of yours and liked it, so thought I would comment on it also. By nature, I am a very sensitive person, so have often had to learn how to deal with insensitive, hurtful remarks, whether intentional, or not by others. The tongue cuts cleaner and deeper than a sword; the damage can be irreparable, and goes to the soul of one. Healing must come from the heart. But, without forgiveness, it is impossible. There must be a conscientious decision to love that one regardless.

    1. I am happy indeed that you looked up my old posts – this means much to me 🙂

      When hurt, we cry. Blessed are those who cry for their tormentors too. Is this not what He taught us?

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Thank you Yoshiko,

      We’ve all mounted our cross – how do we behave while hanging up there in shame and agony – HE has already shown us…

      Luv and peace, Eric

      1. Eric, Thanks for the reminder.

        May God bless you richly in His Words,

  2. wow, loved it Sir Eric ^_^ the ending of your poems always amaze me 😀
    This inspired me to let God judged those who step on to others unreasonably.,

    1. Thank you Therese – you are so kind with your compliments 🙂

      I feel really good about what you say. When people disparage – we should not judge, don’t lash out…let the God that each pray to, decide. Peace, Eric

  3. Very powerful words and imagery. It has echoes of “Father forgive them, they know not what they do,” which we must always try to emulate.

    Thanks for coming back to my site and “liking” my posts.

    1. Yes, it takes real moral strength, courage and love to forgive from the cross – and all of us have experienced the cross in our own way. Peace, Eric (P/s you might want to see my comment posted in your blog)

  4. Words – both the killer and the healer. Which do we choose to put forth – to hurt or to heal. We have to be careful for our choices has a way of affecting us in return. But to weep for the one who had caused the hurt takes immense love and grace. This is really tough – easier said than done !

    1. “…killer and healer…” beautiful poetry right there 🙂

      I get the feeling that you are a very forgiving soul. The people you love and love you are blessed. Easier said than done – true – but I reckon you excel in the doing bit…

  5. Yes, it is a proper and good thing to weep for those who are hurtful to others, including ourselves. Very sad lives they have.

    1. With Good Friday fast approaching, perhaps we should dwell on the cross – when people put us up.

      “O Man, When you condemn with your word, gun, sword or gavel, it is your life that you condemn.”

      Luv and peace, Eric

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