“He’s gone Edwin, there’s nothing we can do about it. But, he has also left much behind. I see in you his intelligence, his determination and industry. He lives in you Edwin and always will.” The old man draped a heavy arm around the young man.

“You did not cry at his funeral eh, bottled it in, unhealthy. That’s why your eyes turn red whenever you recall your father. You’ve to grieve for him, it’ll relieve you…and release him.”

“Release him?” Edwin turned his watery eyes to his grandfather.

“Yes Edwin, grieve for him and let him go. People believe…I believe that otherwise the departed one remains earth bound.”

“But the priest said –”

“The priest is probably right but I speak from what my granddad once told me, oh so very long ago.” His grandfather sighed as he recounted.

There was a high-pitched screech and they both looked up. It was a hawk, riding on the warm air currents.

“Let it out Edwin, you’ll feel better eh.” The old man shook Edwin gently. “Let it out. I’ll never tell. You have my word, not even to your mother.”

Edwin stared ahead, felt his grandfather’s hand stroke his back. He turned and buried his face in the old man’s shoulder. His grandfather held tight as Edwin’s body shuddered.

The hawk glided in lazy wide circles over them. After several slow circuits, it screeched again and flapped away. The two men watched until the bird disappeared into a speck and was gone.

(An excerpt from my novel

Beck And Call,

A Business Thriller Set In Singapore)

BeckNCall Front Cover(5)



  1. I’m so happy to see you thriving, Eric. Great presentation of your books on the sidebar. Let me know if you’d like to participate in the Race Around the World – info on upper right of front page. I have to say it’s been pretty amazing. I’d be glad to promote your blog.


    1. Hello Diana,

      Thank you for your well wishes and lovely comment about my books on the sidebar. For all my (supposed) accomplishments in the corporate world and with rolling out successful sales channels in my past businesses, when it came to my personal books, I’m somewhat shy and even embarrassed to blatantly push sales. I chose to display them (perhaps not so) discreetly for interested readers to browse, explore and purchase.

      I’ve visited your blog and read the posts regarding Race Around the World but will have to pass.

      Considering your kind offer to promote my blog, perhaps I owe an explanation for this apparent (and I assure you it is not an offhand) ‘pass’.

      Singapore, a tiny and closed packed country and home to a hundred ethnicities or more and represented by every religious slant, is a quintessential tinderbox. We’ve had our share of racial and religious riots in the past. We do not have the years of nation building, or the depth and scope to accommodate any civil unrest. Geographically tiny, there are no towns to move to, or countryside to melt into to wait out any civil disturbances. Anything that happens will happen right outside our doorsteps.

      With the internet fuelling the spread, we’ve had several recent cases of people taken to task for inadvertently posting material (deemed racist) on-line and hounded out of the country.

      For all our veneer of modernism and having a thriving global economy, Singapore and Singaporeans remain remarkably Asian in values – by that, read, conservative. I don’t mean this as criticism of anyone or any other country but I also make no apologies for our perceived conservatism.

      We do discuss race and religious issues but securely behind closed doors amidst an atmosphere of trust and generosity of spirit. Some of these discussions are robust and raw, but remain private.

      The public and the world see the results of these discussions in the incremental policies implemented to continually ensure moderation and balance, in all our inter and intra relations.

      I for one am part of this proud Team Singapore and will not openly discuss race (or religious) issues – no matter how well intentioned it might be.

      My reply is long winded perhaps, but I believe you appreciate my reasons for declining your wonderful and generous offer.

      If I misunderstood the aims of “Race Around the World”, I do apologise.

      All good wishes,

  2. I was entranced as I read through and then the tears fell in torrents Eric. I couldn’t control myself. Your writing is so real, completely tangible. I’ll keep this in mind and read your book quickly too! Thanks for sharing this my friend!

    1. Thank you, Seyi dear.

      I’m sorry that it made you cry, but may I take this as a compliment, as well.

      The novel is a family saga that uses a business environment as vehicle and back drop. I hope you enjoy the book.

      Peace and blessings,

  3. Just trying to catch up on a few other posts. Looks like a great book.

    The best to you with your seminar coming up. I remember a great time at the writer’s workshop I went to in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Co. several years ago when I was taking my writers’ course with the Christian Writers’ Guild under the tutelage and mentoring of Jerry B. Jenkins (best selling author of the Left Behind series, and owner of the guild). He critiqued a chapter of my current novel I have since renamed, When Dark Closes In. His advice was timely, appreciated. When he told me he would like to have read more, I felt it a great compliment coming from such an esteemed and respected writer and professional as he is.

    I am sure you have a lot of great sound advice and help to give other writers Eric with your own experience and marketing in the publishing industry.

    1. Hello Joyce,

      All the people who read my novels have commented favourably but the challenge is to get people to read them 🙂 I received one negative feedback from a very young man – and upon checking, realised he was a troll. Oh, well.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with writing your novel. You took JBJ’s comments in the right spirit – and that’s the only way we as authors can improve our craft. I’ve come across too many (budding) authors who allowed their ego to get the better of them and let slip golden opportunities to step up their play. A pity, that.

      As an author, I’m still learning. But the last three plus years has been a steep learning curve for me. I made plenty of mistakes and gained from these expensive lessons. I hope to share some of the pitfalls and save the many aspiring authors all the aggravation and setbacks I endured.

      Thank you for your well wishes and all the best with your writing,

      1. I think there is a lesson in all we learn along the way as a writer: for the gifted, the experienced, tha amateaur, and the beginner. And we can learn from one another as well. I am sure there are many writers out there that will learn from you, and all you can teach them, and share with them from yours. 🙂

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