1. Its really great to read your translation of self preservation..Eric,the lines echoed in my mind !
    Love myself more than anyone,
    life brings many ups and downs
    with pleasures,
    saving my skin I try to live
    many a times killing the other living being!

    1. Hmmm, I wonder what brought you so far into these archives.

      A lovely stanza, you’ve shared here. Thank you 🙂

      Yes, for some, self-preservation and predation are bed partners.

      Peace and blessings,

      1. I too discovered it later on that I had reached into depths only to be happy to find something interesting there. Actually going very busy as guests are here. But whenever I log in and have few minutes,I instantly try to find my favourite writers for their posts! and you are one of them!

  2. the description fits perfectly! At a point in my life I was soooo soo much like that, I feel like I have to be so cautious and timid but deep inside, my thoughts have no boundaries. Luv it! Inspire us more ^_^

    1. Thank you Therese for this sharing.
      All of us faced what you faced, I reckon. Over the years, some do what they think/say – tempering their thoughts and words with wisdom. Most remain heroes but only in their minds…

  3. Like you say, each of us takes home a different interpretation.

    Self preservation by itself is not a bad thing because it makes you think before you act recklessly. But risking the lives of others to gain personal glory is abominable. But this seems to be the rule of the game with modern leaders. Yet when war hits home, the leaders are whisked to safety. I think your earlier post on Cowards captured this…

    1. Hmmm…I understand your sentiments. The intensity of bravery grows exponentially with the distance from danger > as reflected in your comment and my post. Luv and hugz, Eric

  4. Ooooohh–is this ever US, far too many times! Except me–when I have reached my limit of tolerance of injustice! Then the adrenalin sort of turns me into a female whip carrier for the Jesus who drove the moneychangers out of His Father’s House!

  5. The inclusion of “timid” caused quite a pause, re-reading and musing…esp. because yes, like your other readers thought it was about you.

    1) Glad it’s not =)
    2) But then again I don’t know any self=preservers who would acknowledge/admit to it…guess should have taken that as a clue!

    Take care,

    1. Ah, but if not for poetic licence…we say “I” when we don’t mean “I” and “you” when we don’t point at “you”…to get our message through 🙂 and you did pick up that hint as shown in 2)

  6. Timid actions?

    Didn’t you just go to bat for your wife and all the people of your parish?

    Timid does not seem to fit. It would NOT be a word I would think of when thinking of you


    1. No, no dear Jen – this does not refer to me, I would like to think.

      After that church incident, many people approached us but none willing to make a public stand – even now. One parishioner, a very aggressive man who bullies and talks down to everyone, told Lisa he was “…just like Eric, very direct!” Yet, when his wife was barred from entering church on account of her dressing, he meekly left and now attends another church…

      Outrage, you flex your muscles in private
      Righteousness, your voice you have ransomed
      Courage…where art your wet heart

      I don’t begrudge anyone who pursues self preservation – but spare me the chest thumping…

      Peace, Eric
      P/s I shall return to check out The Poetry Day post.

    1. I see you latched on to this quickly, Fiona. Glad for it – Eric 🙂

      P/s I can’t log onto your blog but shall retry later when I’m back in the evening.

      1. LOL yes, I’m sure you heard all the brave people – they think big. When we ask them to speak their mind – they become cautious. When we ask them to act on their words —- they —-

        I think you’re a good girl, my dear.

        All good wishes,

      2. Eric, for you to speak your mind, the world has so much to learn from you. I know I have learned from your words. Your words make me want to be a better person.

      3. Yes, there are many ‘brave’ people out there – but when it comes to action – they are chicken-shit cowards.

        We all need to help and encourage each other to realise our true potential.

        Thank you for your kind words, dear Eva.

        Peace, Eric

    1. Hello Cat – Normally, I don’t explain as I prefer for each to takeaway what they perceive – no right or wrong answers here.

      One possible scenario of several: refers to the many people who vent their anger on their loved ones but exhibit none of this bravado outside their homes – man of (in)action. First reaction, anger, then tempered by caution and ends in cowardly non action…

      I’m sure we have met many such people in our lives…

      Peace and luv, Eric

        THANK YOU ………
        THANK YOU 🙂

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