1. Thank you Ian,

      All of us have suffered the cross at one time or the other. I confess it is extremely difficult to pray for your tormentor. But if it were easy, there would not be much merit…

      Peace, Eric

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment.

      We’ve all suffered the cross and He has shown the way to behave, I reckon.

      Peace, Eric
      (P/s please do check your spam for my comments)

  1. Words like arrows, once released may wound or slay. I remember something like that from grade school. Obviously it has stayed with me, and your post brought it back to mind.

  2. Very nice! You are more forgiving than me I suppose…I would hope that when God sees a soul full of sin he will burn and I will do the happy dance for the idiot who hurt me because he/she is going to hell.

    1. Dear Eva,
      I can be very forgiving if it was directed at me. But mess around with my loved ones, and (as a Leo) I’ll bite somebody’s head off!
      Luv and hugz, Eric 🙂

      1. Yep, I have seen many Leo’s just like that…and that is the right thing to do. I used to be very forgiving but there comes a time when enough is enough.

  3. words can be so much like daggers. we need to guard our tongues. and what of those who speak words as wolves disguised as sheep? Yes, God knows the truth! Beautifully done Eric. You have a gift for discernment. xo

    1. Very true Jeannie,

      When people embrace visceral sloth, invariably wolves do the thinking and lead the sheep. If there are wolves in government, religious institutions and society in general – it is because people have become sheep…

      You can understand why I had to stand up to that priest…

      Luv and peace, Eric

      1. Yes sir, I do understand. The face in the mirror…;)

        I was so proud of you for that stand. Many others were too. Strength and honor make for a good night’s sleep. xoxo

  4. What a beautiful blog you have. Did you do the art in your header? I wish my students (first and second graders) would learn this message. I ‘ll think about teaching them this poem. I love the micro-fiction. Similar to what I’m trying to do. Short posts that allow me to post with the time I have and allow others to read without a costly time commitment on their part.

    1. Hello Alethea,

      Nice of you to drop by with this compliment. Yes, the art on the header is mine – but I don’t paint much…

      Condensing a complex message into a clutch of words is a challenge I’ve set for myself – and also for all the practical reasons you’ve mentioned.

      As a former corporate person, I made sales pitches in five minutes and demanded no less from anyone seeking my time > simply carried this over to my writing.

      All good wishes, Eric

    1. Thank you Steve,
      I challenged myself to say as little as possible and let the reader take it from there…
      Peace, Eric
      P/s You might want to check your spam folder as it gobbled up my comments.

      1. Re your comments continuously landing in spam folders: try chucking out the “…fanclub” in your Url: methinks this might be the “objectionable” word in the spam filter. worth giving it a try. (do one comment with “…fanclub” and one without…)


      2. Thank you Mr Anonymous Onlooker
        This has to do with their blog setting: “The comment author must have a previously approved comment” – I experience this only when making the first comment on a blog.
        I routinely check and release comments in my spam but not everyone does it. Plus, WP does play up – I find comments spammed even from my regular ‘commentators’.
        Cheers, Eric
        P/s In case you are wondering, that ‘fanclub’ thingy was my administrator’s idea of a joke – once set, cannot be changed.

    1. Thank you for honouring me so. Trust and hope that your ‘followers’ enjoy my posts.

      I wish your journey via your keyboard continues to lead to new discoveries filled with wonderment, love, joy and all things nice. Eric 🙂

      P/S I posted a comment in your blog and went (plop!) into spam…

    1. Thank you Jyoti,

      Gossip…anyone who claims that gossip does not hurt is not really being truthful, I reckon.

      Luv and peace, Eric
      P/S I tried to post comments on your blog – Chaos – but unable to…

  5. “God sees/Your Soul Revealed”

    The eternal truth, stronger than any mortal’s tainted words.

    Simply sagacious Eric =)

    Take care,

    1. Thank you Que.
      “…The eternal truth, stronger than any mortal’s tainted words…”
      Your comment is thoughtful and poetic.
      Peace, Eric
      P/s I love your poem “I know better” – great piece of artistry.

  6. It is said that when you are cruel to me, that is your kharma. But when I respond with the same, that is mine. I work with recovering addicts, and part of restoring their faith in themselves is helping them to see that (always) they choose their future when they choose how to treat others. When we are unfair or hurtful to someone, that does not define them. It only defines us. Thank you for this……..and yes, let us pray for the one that would try to break us.

    1. Working with recovering addicts – that is a noble calling. Well done.

      You are right – we need to pray for the one that would try to break us. As I reckon, all of us write the pages of our Life on how we choose to treat others – including ourselves. We pray for all, the aggressor and the victim…because quite often we can’t differentiate between the two…

      Peace, Eric

  7. A very powerful piece. You describe a person that has been verbally attacked and yet has the strength of character to see beyond the words and really see the person. It makes me think about myself and what I want to become.

    1. Thank you Susan.

      Truly your words ring, for rippling muscles are but fading strength but “strength of character” grows with age and wisdom.

      This post draws on the teaching about turning one’s cheek. You might also want to check out this earlier post Be Nice > http://wp.me/p1YE83-iT

      Peace and luv, Eric
      P/s I love that post about Rebud Lane 🙂

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