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The prompt word for the 33-word flash-fiction was “Bedpost” and the contributions for the gallery – beyond expectations 😀 What a blast!

Sit back and enjoy the tour – read stories told in 33 words or less – the writers will blow your mind with their talent 🙂

Susan blogging as A Woman’s view of hunting…with men – don’t ever enter her room without knocking.


Amanda Law blogging as 50 words a day and though new here, she came up with two contributions.


and another from Amanda – with a fresh perspective.


Many of you will remember Saymber blogging as Saymberblondi and she has this to say:


Many of you might already know Soma blogging as SOMKRITYA and she is in character with her piece.


You would be equally familiar with Soumya blogging as SOUMYAV


Auntyamo blogging as Just another Christian woman is new here. Please welcome her and her contribution.


Carroll Boswell blogging as Caleb’s Eye is an old friend who has visited and commented since early 2012.

Carroll Boswell

40again blogging as 40again’s blog shared her take on bedpost.

40 Again

Many of you know Val Logar blogging as QBG Tilted Tiara and she comes with several thumps!

Val Logar

A man’s POV, overextended blogging as overextended shared his as follows:


C.J. Black blogging as Chris Black has good taste – JD 🙂

CJ Black

Dominic R. Di Francesco blogging as Black and Write returns with another contribution:


Most of you know nightlake blogging as call2read (my Blog Pick for March 2013) and she shared this:


Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstansfeld came up with two contributions.

Jane Stansfeld

See also yesterday’s post, Jane is my Blog Pick for April 2013.

Jane Stansfeld_2

Jasey, who does not blog but is ever so supportive. Her “cut” on bedpost:

Jasey Chua

You will recall Melissa Perera blogging as Travelbag writing lab. She joins us again with her contribution.

Melissa Perera

Here is Jessica blogging as Shadowed in Moonlight with her piece:


If you would like to read my earlier three, click here > Flash Fiction: Bedpost  🙂

Anyway, as Jasey said, “That’s a wrap folks!”


Thank you one and all for your contributions 😀 It is amazing to read the different takes on one word – Bedpost – and all in one place too! Well done and congratulation 😆

On Thursday 4 April, I’ll post another 33-word flash fiction with one PROMPT WORD. Hope you can all join in with your contributions.


If you are new here, please go to > BLOG TIPS the raison d’etre of these “galleries”.

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