If you are into Poems, Flash Fictions and Short Stories – look no further.

😀 My Blog Pick for April 2013 > Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstandfeld  😀

Jane posts captivating short stories and poems with deep underlying themes of love and spirituality. She is not prolific but when she does publish a post – it is worth a visit.

SG Scene_Blog Pick April 2013

Singapore Scene: Photo credit @ David Koh, Singapore.

Her fiction writing style harks back to an era, which is fast disappearing. Current wisdom says grab the reader in the first chapter, if not the first paragraph. In this rush for readership, arguably, authors often cater to market than to their craft. It is therefore refreshing to read Jane who has, in my opinion, successfully bridged this elusive chasm.

Light a Candle_Blog Pick April 2013

Jane employs words and phrases I describe as – “wish I had thought of that”.

If you have the time to sit back with a cuppa and enjoy a good read that entertains and makes one think – click through this link and check out Jane’s prose and poems.

Congratulations Jane, and thank you for your entertaining and thought-provoking reads 😀


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  1. Thanks for sharing Jane with us, Eric, I loved her poem, “Approachable.” I’ll definitely have to read her story, “AWOL,” when I have a little more time.

  2. Hy Eric, I agree, in S’pore everything (all arts) is for the market and not for the craft.

    1. Hey Benji,

      have not seen you around these parts a bit.

      Yes, S’pore looks at everything from a commercial view point. We are first world in many areas and of course, there is more to do, huh?

      I know you are an aficionado in metaphysics. You might want to check out my Fallen Grace series > http://wp.me/P1YE83-10c

      Peace Bro,

  3. Eric:

    I just logged on after our family Easter celebration. We had a great day, and then I saw your post, Eric, it rounded out this memorable March 31st. Thank you, thank you, this is generously kind of you.

    Your Haiku is masterfuI, the best, I especially like the line ‘cyberspace engulfs’ so true and then to bring it down to an insignificent candle – great. I consider your selection and feature an awesome honor. It gives me a wonderful feeling.

    I always enjoy coming to your blog for both your provocative and well written posts and for the inspirational dialogue which always follows. You are a most empathetic blogger. Sometimes I wonder how you find the time for your posts as you never miss an encouraging response to each comment.

    You often respond with a hug and even though we have only met as bloggers in this engulfing cyberspace I send you a warm hug with my thanks.


    1. Well my dear Jane,

      You shower me with words of praise – and I hope at least some of them are deserving.

      You’ve always had a select group of readers. I recall, if not mistaken, our mutual friend Ian Grice from Australia wondered why more people were not reading your works. I share Ian’s question. Also, unlike some of my more provocative posts, you inspire and draw people in a lovely and loving manner. There are lessons there for me.

      All good wishes my dear and I love the hugz 🙂

  4. Had been to Jane’s blog before and just visited again:) She has a lovely collection of short stories and poems. This was a good choice and congrats to her:)

    1. Thank you Padmini and you’re very welcome.

      I read in another blog that you were eagerly awaiting and glad my selection did not disappoint. How could I go wrong with Jane, huh 🙂

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