As usual, I post a haiku or poem as a lead-in to the Fallen Grace episode that follows tomorrow.

Edifices of Faith

We have all heard this – Mind over Matter – and each takes away a different interpretation.

Careful what we conjure, for Thoughts have the ability to take on lives of their own. In time these become Illusions and ultimately, Reality – as real as only Illusions can get.

You are invited to accompany Daniel Ellsworth, once a convinced Jesuit now a confused Seeker, in Fallen Grace as he continues his quest, tomorrow.

We never know – his journey could be ours in the making.





    1. A valid observation Ian.

      For this reason, we need to tread with care as we toss criticism at those who are still caught up in their daily grind.

  1. Some are born leaders, some followers. If this is true, follower selects the leader and naturally have faith in him/her. Those who take the position of leaders and chose to mislead others for their benefit is not right. The ability to discern the right leader itself is a choice and task, else like your posting – the blind leading more blinds.

    1. Very true – blame it on the gullibles.

      Like I’ve always maintained, sloth is probably the worst sin (to borrow a religious term). People simply do not want to expend the time and trouble to gauge the people they are voting in. But to be fair, many poor people succumb to “vote buying tactics” – for them, a bag of rice holds more and immediate promise than any airy promises made by politicians.

      Perhaps the criticism is better directed at the so called “educated classes”.

    1. I’ve always held that sloth could be the genesis of Man’s undoing.

      For all their breast beating about individualism and freedom, the majority acts to the contrary – so much easier to let someone else figure it all out and simply tell me what to do.

      1. I can’t speak for how it may be elsewhere in the world but in america there are some extenuating circumstances.

        As angry and frustrated as I may become, I try to remember that the general population here is not completely to blame. They are subjected to the most intense and effective process of indoctrination that has ever been applied to a society at large.

        It’s hard to say where and when the line was crossed but the american public has been willingly enslaved for many years. They are just beginning to sense the reality of what has happened.

        I don’t really know what will happen if they suddenly become fully aware in large numbers but I can’t imagine the results will be pleasant.

  2. so truly you depict here in words and picture…For…

    Faith is deep rooted
    The soul sees eternal light,
    mind needs a vision.

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