We all need – yes, need – our morning cuppa, be it coffee or tea.

Without that pick-me-up drink, many of us are a hairline away from being murderous or at least close to biting the dog. Because we cannot show it on the boss at home, we might just take it out on fellow motorists and commuters.

Note: I added tea because I am a tea drinker.

In the morning rush, most of us resort to modern technology > the 3-in-1 sachet > unless you are into the Mr Bean technique.

So today’s prompt image is challenging – it was for me – a steaming cup.

3-in-1 Coffee

Instead of working around coffee, tea or the usual morning mayhem, this is what I came up with.


3-in-1’s are cheaper, keeps one healthy and helps one do their part for the environment.

I welcome your 55-word contributions. Please note, it must be exactly 55 words, excluding the title. Your flash-fiction does not have to include my title > 3-in-1 > but must draw off the Image. As you can deduce, there is plenty of room to range.

If I receive any contributions, I shall post them in a Gallery on 24 March. For readers unfamiliar with what I mean by “gallery” – please click here >  Covert Affairs Gallery.

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  1. Here goes it goes Eric:

    Morning treat

    Your aroma drifts under the covers
    Lifts my groggy limbs into motion
    Through groans and mutters
    The morning begins with commotion
    Crash and boom go cupboards and pans
    Two and four leggeds
    Make their demands
    The smart one has mixed you with cream and sweet
    You sit waiting for me
    My morning treat

  2. 🙂 coffee adiction? No, not at all…just in the morning, in middle of day, in the aternoon and sometimes at night… few times changed by tea;
    Could this be a contribution for you?

    I wake up as a spectrum
    with sunken eyes and empty
    the zombie only has feet
    to walk up to a cup of coffee
    trembling hand
    lift it up to take a small sip
    the soul still anchored in dreams
    begins to return to reality
    the stopped heart begins to beat
    wellcome, pandemonium of caffeine

    1. Well, morning-mid day-afternoon-even at night sometimes > yup, that qualifies you for caffeine addiction. LOL

      I posted this comment in your blog,

      Interesting write up Blackrose – three languages! Impressive! As you probably know, I am reading your posts and shall return regularly.

      Thank you for contributing the 55-word verse. I shall publish it in my Gallery.

      All good wishes with your blogging,

  3. Here’s my contribution:

    The fresh aroma beckons me from my apartment. As I walk down, I am drawn to the homely chatter and the friendly crowd. They make way for newcomers and the different aromas leave me intrigued.

    Is it to be coffee or cocoa?
    It is tea made with loving hands
    and served with a caring smile

    1. This is excellent Padmini,

      You really twirled and swirled with the image and came up with a lovely brew.

      A welcome addition the “Gallery” – and thank you,

      Eric 🙂

  4. Sunlight streaming through the curtained veil
    My eyes reluctant with sleep.

    Ginger steps taken downstairs
    Why oh why did that quaint staircase look appealing on first view?

    Coffee and porridge….

    Ahhhh, deep satisfaction follows.

    Merry steps to the front room,
    My special window awaits
    The start of my working day.

    Carbon footprint….a happy one.

    1. That’s lovely Jane buddy,

      Glad that you took time off your busy schedule to pitch in.

      Will alert you when the “Gallery” goes up.

      I’m in a bit of a hurry now as I have an appointment in a very short while.

      Eric 😀

  5. Hi Eric:
    I love your intro and response. Once I was one of the masses who needed that morning caffine fix, but when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s I was advised against all caffine. Initially I found it hard to give up that morning cuppa’, but I did it like an alcoholic giving up booze absolutely cold turkey. Now the cards are turned and I don’t even like the smell of coffee although I have hung onto a craving for tea. Thankfully “Rooibos” is caffine free. So here is my 55 word contribution:

    I asked for a panacea to start my day
    and a sweet oil to lubricate my bones.
    I needed a power to mask night induced pain
    and to excite my body into super drive
    to lose weight.
    I settled for a newspaper, cereal and milk,
    and a dose of stiff upper lip.
    The combination worked.


    PS Thank you for your comment about the poem. Yes my critic is a friend and obviously took my invitation to read my blog and be a critic very seriously. Sometimes it is hard to accept criticism of one’s work and see what imrpoves it – in my case I generally a need a couple of days to cogitate before I can see the logic. JS

    1. Hello Jane dear,

      I’m sorry to hear of your illness but am also impressed by your grit and discipline. Cold turkey – Wow!

      Most people would have ended up biting all the neighbourhood dogs as part of their withdrawal regime. I would have bitten off cats’ tails too 🙂

      I love your contribution – yes, I can see how the stiff upper lip was a cure-all or rather, a cover-all for most pains. Amazing how we were all brought up to swallow the pain and smile. Now, we hear so much whining over minor inconveniences, one can’t help feeling that everyday is a Sunday afternoon with remote controlled toys in the air.

      Luv and hugz,

      P/s Well, I think your friend got it wrong in 3 out of 4. That fourth cancelled when she made such a glaring error. When I see someone criticized unfairly, I tend to jump to their defence. Sorry.

  6. I do love my bike; it’s such a simple mode of transportation but still very efficient. Do you know there is a place in America that was trying to pass a bike tax (or did) that charged bikers a carbon tax on the basis that they’re still producing carbon dioxide by breathing. I shake my head in disbelief.

    1. Hello David 🙂

      I’m also a road cycling enthusiast – have been since I first learnt as a kid. I have two bikes now – a trainer and a real speed demon by Pinarello. I hit the roads at least once, sometimes twice in a week.

      Carbon tax for cycling! Incredible! Oh well, politicians!

      Have a good one,

  7. if I had more time I would try this – but at the moment I’m up to my eyes in work and writing… all the best – I hope you get loads of people trying this!

    1. Hello Freya,

      Lovely of you to visit and comment.

      I started this initiative a couple of weeks ago and the response is encouraging.

      All good wishes with your writing,

  8. Perfect blend of the sweetness and brew
    heart and mind if so coordinate in the blues
    the tinge of color that attracts the view
    filling the air with aroma anew
    like the soul enwraps colour of the divine,
    absorbing the fragrance of the creation pristine,
    An experience exhilarating shines,
    When the morning cup of Camellia boils.

    I could think of these lines Eric! And a wonderful pic to the prompt!

    1. This is great, Soumya and you are almost there.

      It comes in at 56 words. Can we snip off one word – perhaps drop “the” from the first line? This will hit 55 spot on.

      Let me know whether you agree.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s I need to leave soon for an appointment – catch you all later.

      1. That’s great Soumya,

        I’m very careful about amending another’s work – and will not do so, unless specifically requested. As I’ve always mentioned, people are kind to share their work and I will always respect the integrity of their creation.

        Thank you, you’re on 😀

  9. I probably missed out on this challenge and it was about my favorite drink/food group in my diet lol. I’m much like my stepmom use to be. She use to go into a restaurant every morning and the waitress learned quickly to put the coffee down and walk away without eye contact or banter.

    1. Actually, you’ve not missed anything. If you wish, post your contribution during the next seven days and you’re on. Exactly 55 words and drawing off the image.

      Looks like stepmom and the waitress were on a telepathic level.

      1. Haha yes, after getting growled at enough times I think she got the hint and started to go with the nonverbals! I will make an attempt on the challenge. Thanks for letting me know!

    2. Following on what you said about morning coffee – here is a quick one:


      Come morning, I strap on my Bowie knife, sling my shotgun and cradle my chainsaw. I push my way into the diner.

      “If my coffee is not on my table before the door slams shut – someone will be in trouble”.

      Before long a body falls – Thud!

      That would be me keeled over – caffeine withdrawal symptom 😆

      (All of 55 words!)

      1. Good one! I posted one a few minutes ago. Fun challenge about one of my most favorite things…”my one weakness” (in a VERY long list lol!)

    1. A coffee-holic, Val? LOL! A whole pot! Okay 😀

      Thanks to this post, I’m learning new words.

      Lavinia came up with “espressoing myself”. Yes, she expressed herself well there.

      I suppose that makes me a tea-holic or teayolic? Welcome to the world of teayology. Hey, I’m beginning to like the sound of that – it makes me a teayologist 🙂

      Yes, I thought my words might resonate for you and thank you for the confirmation 😀

      Peace, Eric

      1. I didn’t give away all my secrets. I wake at 4am, drink a pot of strong coffee before I leave the house (20 oz cups). Then on my way to work buy a very large cupppa with 4 shots of espresso and steamed milk for the drive.

  10. Very good. No carbon footprint, perfect. I would never have thought of riding a bicycle. Of course with my level of grace, walking is tough enough for me.

    1. LOL, Susan – lack of grace? Probably no thanks to Orso and Charlie as they tug and pull you forward in stops and starts. From the pictures, I see they are a couple huge rowdies 😀

    1. I learned something new today, Lavinia.

      Tomorrow morning I’ll get myself tea’d up 🙂 And after a party the night-before, in the morning-after we’ll have to get everyone coffee’d up – LOL, see what you started.

      I need to work on latteing (?) – will that be right?

    1. This is great Yoshiko,

      It is 55 words and draws from the image. It meets both requirements and is a fun read. I shall include this 😀

      Thank you for your contribution – the first one today 😀

      1. Thank you that it is a fun read to you 😀
        Never expect I’m the first contribution today. 🙂

    1. Dizzy
      Why do I always lack of sleep?
      Oh, I have to get up.
      Enough of me dozing off.

      Oh, I long for the smell of tea leaves
      Rushing to the kitchen drawer
      A bag of tea leaf smells good
      Pour hot water and
      Sip the fragrant tea.
      Yes, I’m awake.

    1. Just popped over and had a sip of your poem 🙂

      A book of verse – make that two
      A flask of tea – make that hot
      And you besides me – I meant the wife, or she’ll kill me 🙂

      Winter is bearable enow.

      A quick adaption of Omar Khayyam’s quatrain.

  11. I enjoyed this topic, Eric, as I’m into chai tea and lattes, more than occasionally! 🙂 Your fiction was wonderful, too, and I loved your clever perspective on a morning pick-me-up! And I got a chuckle from “biting the dog!” 🙂

    1. Ah, Lauren,

      Tea and lattes – an all rounder!

      I too can’t work without my tea. Often, I even bring along a flask of hot tea when I go out. Of course, once the sun sets, out comes the fruit juices – the slightly fermented variety 😆

      Yes, I once read a news report: Man bites dog (because the dog bit him – that was his defence. The judge acquited him 😀

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