I’ve noticed for some, success follows a pattern. It overwhelms and takes us to the pinnacle – whether in career, business, relationships, whatever. Mingling with the stars, as it were, is heady, intoxicating and risks uprooting us.

Image Credit @ Free HDWalpaper
Image Credit @ Free HDWallpaper

Then, some tend to lose it all and very quickly. Many take stock, learn humility and recover. Some turn accusatory, bitter and languish. I’ve seen people from both groups. I’ve taken this roller coaster ride too. You might wish to click here for a quick read > A Shrewd Businessman.

Do you know of any parallels?

Could you share your observations and experiences.

Thank you.


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  1. The honeymoon phase of anything is intoxicating! But it is in the valleys of our relationships and life that we can learn and grow the most. Eric, I love how you said so much in your haiku, and I liked your description of the two types of people. Hopefully we will recognize when we need to switch to the proper response…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. You’ve said it with so much imagery Wendy – “…the valleys of our relationships and life…”

      Very pleased the haiku resonated for you and so many. Yes, self realization during the phases of our “relationships and lives” – so very true.

      Peace, Eric 🙂

  2. A necessary reflection to awaken us from a stupor every now and then. You have penned much wisdom mingled with utter truth. See, I have always relished the ink in which you pen !

    Here is a humble offering that I penned and posted many ago – you may discover the resonance of our thoughts. Hope you read it at your luxury. Much love.


    1. Yes, I recall reading that post. Thank you for providing the quick link.

      We do share similar viewpoints – this is not surprising I reckon. When we seek Truth, we finally end up in the same vicinity.

      Luv and hugz my dear,

      1. Very thoughtful of you to provide a link. I just returned after reading your haiku – profound words. Thank you, Eric 🙂

  3. Maybe I’m out there, but… I see the sun giving life, life which holds us here, as we looks upward for beauty, inspiration, and for answers to questions we cannot answer ourselves.

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