33-word Flash Fiction. Prompt word: GUTTER

What an overwhelming response and so many new participants πŸ™‚  Here in one Gallery, you get to read all the POV’s drawn from one word – Gutter!

Welcome. Step in, take your time and enjoy

Mia blogging as Lights of Clarity posted her contribution about 30 minutes after the prompt went up! Wow! I thought that was really fast.


One from evanlaar1922 blogging as Emmanuel – God with us


Some of you might remember the next contributor, Jessicanix blogging as Shadowed in Moonlight. She titled hers “Exotic”


The first contribution from Preechyr blogging as The Scroll of Truth


This next lady really needs no introduction in Blogsville. Please welcome my dear friend, Soma Mukherjee blogging as Somakritya with her sometimes irreverent but always hilarious style.


Next we have a new blogger – well, going by her blog she started blogging on wordpress in April 2013. Just refer to her as Jen. Please welcome Jjustjen blogging as Jen Just Jen.

Just Jen_Gutter

It is heartening to welcome so many new entrants. Here is one from Bastet blogging as Bastet and Sekhmet.


The next contributor quite often brings a unique POV to his flash fictions and today is no exception. David Stewart blogging as The Green-Walled Tower.

David Stewart_Gutter

As you know, novices send their bowling balls into the gutter. Please welcome new contributor Lorem Ipsum blogging as MISSING ZERO.

Lorem Ipsum _Gutter

Another newcomer – we have plenty of newcomers today which is simply marvellous. Let’s hear from Joyce blogging as joyceismyfirstname.


You will this lovely soul who usually comes with her cutesie pieces. Today is no different. Yoshiko blogging as Daylight Tune Ministries.


Next, Melissa Perera blogging as Travelbag writing lab returns with two pieces.


Here is Melissa’s second piece:


We have a young lady blogging as takingthingsdaybyday with her first contribution. Please welcome her.


Please welcome again lovely Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstansfeld. Many of you will remember her blog – my Blog Pick of April 2013.

Jane Stansfeld_Gutter

Most of you know Jasey Chua, my friend in Blogsville and though she does not blog, a regular contributor.


Another new contributor timidvoice blogging as NeverSaidBefore. Please enjoy:


The next lady is no stranger in these parts. I admire her in ways – well, visit her blog and read her story. I give you Val Logar blogging as QBG Tilted Tiara.

Val Logar_Gutter

From new contributor Troy blogging as troysherdahl, he gives us his take:


And from Joyce, this is Joyce E. Johnson blogging as REFLECTIONS.

Joyce E. Johnson_Gutter

Marcelo Arreola Jr. blogging as Francis November shares a thought which might have afflicted some of us at one time.


A nice POV from newcomer Paul Grignon blogging as Paul Grignon.

Paul Grignon_Gutter

Another new contributor in ksbeth blogging as I didn’t have my glasses on. Please welcome.


That’s a wrap folks and hope you enjoyed the tour πŸ™‚

I’ll return with a PROMPT WORD on Thursday 18 April and some guidelines on how you too can participate. Hope you can join and share your talent.

For those of you who missed my take on GUTTER > please click the link. Thank you πŸ™‚

If you are new here, check out this page Blog Tips for some background on these Galleries.






  1. Great post Eric. I’m going to have to jump in here and play “Flash Fiction” with you soon. So much fun and each person’s contribution was amazing!

    1. Well Alia, I’m so happy that you scrolled down this post – the longest I ever posted in terms of page length. Looking forward to you joining in πŸ™‚

      1. Congrats Eric — I’ve scrolled down longer pages, believe me. Got to admit I don’t read every comment though. It was really fun to do the Flash Fiction. I encourage anyone to try it just to see what you come up with. Thank you for rallying us, Eric.

  2. Hi Eric, I know I missed this one but:

    Listen to my advice
    You nutter
    If you want to slide a rabbit
    Down a gutter
    Don’t do it dry
    That is complete and utter
    Cover it with butter
    To avoid sadness

    P.S. Thanks for all the work you obviously put into this.

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment, Tess is it (?)

      Please, do join in the next one – theme on “writing” – if you catch some time.

      All good wishes, Eric

    1. You are very welcomed. It is talent and generosity such as yours that makes this “Gallery” a success. Please feel free to join in again as/when your time permits.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s FYI, there is another prompt today – theme on “writing”

  3. Eric, what a mix I am enthralled by the variety this single word brought. So many different points of view and emotions, who would have thought!

    Thank you for including me and for including so many other wonderful bloggers. I am going to reblog if you don’t mind.

    1. Val, you’re very welcome and it is always a pleasure to receive your contributions. Do join in whenever time permits.

      You’re certainly very welcome, and indeed I would encourage all contributors to reblog.

      All good wishes, Eric

  4. Reblogged this on Yoshiko and commented:
    It’s fun to join Eric Alagan’s 33 word flash-fiction and I’m thrilled to see my poetry being included among other poets’. Enjoy.

  5. Thank you for the buffet on gutter – what a spread. We can have an anthology of gutter !! Who would have thought that even a dull word can inspire so much creativity.
    Happy that you have so kindly included my posting. Thanks.

    1. Hey Jasey dearest,

      How have you been? Thank you for the visit.

      Who would have thought —- ? Well, I volunteer to take credit πŸ™‚

      Always a pleasure to include your contribution. Thank you for returning with your comment,

  6. Life is gutter (life is gutter) melancholy flower;
    Life is gutter melon (life is gutter melon) cauliflower.

    Hmm… doesn’t work. Oh! You said ‘butter’? no, wait, um…
    I think I got that wrong.

    1. LOL – potential there. How about this —

      Life is a gutter, got to get her before I forget her, especially since she left behind her garter – on a platter, and no, it doesn’t matter how it got there. If found out by her mother and worse, by her father – he is a butcher and he’ll raise his cleaver and say “Gotcha!” Nope, does not quite work πŸ™‚

      I think we both need our morning cuppa.

  7. Very interesting to see different interpretations and inspirations with the word “Gutter” πŸ™‚
    Eric, may I reblog this? πŸ™‚

    1. What a contrast the two! One very thought provoking and other (and if you know my dear friend Soma’s wrtitings) a good laugh. Happy that you enjoyed them Christy B.

      All good wishes, Eric

  8. Eric, thank you for posting my 33 word ‘Gutter’ piece in your ‘gallery’. It is much appreciated. There is quite a variety of stories and poems represented for the word prompt, all of them very interesting in how each writer comes up with great ideas or perspectives. It was a fun exercise. I previously posted about 35 flash fiction pieces of 100 words for the Friday Fictioneers group through 2012 into January, then stopped to take a break to work on other writing projects. But it was nice to stumble upon your blog and gallery projects (through my connection with David Stewart) and read your wonderful writing and learn of another opportunity where I could contribute. Thanks again.

    1. Hello Joyce,

      You are very welcome and thank you for embellishing the Gallery with your lovely contribution. I spend many hours getting a Gallery up and it is heartening to see contributors, such as your goodself, return and post an acknowledgement.

      I think reading all the contributions at one go without having to click and click is convenient. It helps us relish the various approaches adopted by the writers. Please feel free to join in future prompts when your time permits. You are always welcome.

      35 FF is quite a collection – something for a future anthology perhaps (?)

      Once again, thank you Joyce and all good wishes,

      1. Thanks, Eric. I will return and yes, I think it is helpful too for the contributing pieces from all the writers to be view-able in one place, for the same reasons.

    1. You’re very welcome Peg,

      The selection included a gamut of emotions, and you’re right, including humour – what a roller coaster ride πŸ™‚

  9. Dear Eric,

    Thank you for sharing all of these ‘gutter’ stories. It is always a pleasure to read the diversity of postings. I appreciate you showcasing mine as well. Thank you!

    1. Dear Paul,

      Though you’re new here, you’ve fitted in so well and thank you for that. It was my pleasure to showcase your talent.

      Do join us again when you can, please,

      1. Dear Eric,

        I will indeed be back, and I look forward to the next writing exercise. Thank you for the warm welcome, and it’s great to read such fine posts. Take care, Paul

      2. Dear Eric,

        Thank you once again for welcoming me into your world of words, and to a great community. Once again do I look forward to further prompts. Your words to sundry writers remain a balm and encouragement to all. Take care.

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