I’ve noticed for some, success follows a pattern. It overwhelms and takes us to the pinnacle – whether in career, business, relationships, whatever. Mingling with the stars, as it were, is heady, intoxicating and risks uprooting us.

Image Credit @ Free HDWalpaper
Image Credit @ Free HDWallpaper

Then, some tend to lose it all and very quickly. Many take stock, learn humility and recover. Some turn accusatory, bitter and languish. I’ve seen people from both groups. I’ve taken this roller coaster ride too. You might wish to click here for a quick read > A Shrewd Businessman.

Do you know of any parallels?

Could you share your observations and experiences.

Thank you.


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  1. Alas, we live in a world dictated by physical laws, like gravity, where what goes up must come down, as well as spiritual and moral laws, where pride goes before a fall. Perhaps it is a blessing to feel the humble soil of the ground, rather than the glow and sparkle up in the ether with the stars, which may only last for a few moments. And perhaps I would agree with Rudyard Kipling (pardon if I am quoting), that triumph and disaster are two impostors to be treated just the same. It is the clear light of the sun that reveals these truths, the root of the matter in our lives, while it is in the darkness that the stars allure with their sparkle.

    I have witnessed the rise and fall of many people, growing up in a political family. I think to be “grounded” is to be literally aware of the soil and dust under our feet, the very matter from whence we came and to where we shall return. And that is a very humbling thought. All the successes and failures in life are just phantoms which cannot diminish the priceless value of each human life.

    (a bit long-winded of me).. thanks for the ponder, Eric. Peace, Dee

    1. Not at all long winded, Dee – how can it be when your words are packed with so much truth.

      Coming from a political family, I’m sure you’ve witnessed more roller coaster rides than most of us.

      Your comment has the hallmarks of a standalone post and thank you for sharing it here.

      Peace and luv, Eric

  2. How very true Eric. As we reach up, egos driving us forward we lose sight and sometimes spirit. In that fall, if we are most fortunate those who loved us best and longest won’t let us spiral downward to the bottom, instead reaching out a hand. If we have been spiteful snots, well even though they love us they might let us land on our buts before they reach out to helps us up. Sometimes we need that landing to teach us both humility and grace.

    1. Agree with you, Val – sometimes we need that landing and hopefully the next time round, we remember to walk with humility. All good wishes, Eric

    1. Congratulations Willow dear! Three awards and all in go – quite an achievement and well done.

      Thank you for forwarding these my way – much appreciated 🙂

      All good wishes, Eric

  3. I think the answer is in being ‘grounded’, with a high sense of awareness of the peaceful flow of what IS rather than what might be, could be, should be. I find in my early days of being attached to some outcome, some success, I would forget the pleasure and joy of the journey, the process of finding my way to this short experience of some outcome, that maybe felt good or not …. where ever. Keeping the light lit on the moment; the be here now… That feels successful to me.
    thanks for the question..

  4. A very good friend said to me : “When you are at the bottom, you can only stay put or go up, but when you are up there, beware you may fall down.” We all need “angels” like the car window cleaner to remind us of our roots.
    A thoughtful post which inter-relates to your earlier postings on self-reflections that can help to keep us on track.

    1. Your friend is right Jasey – when one is in the pits, every step brings one higher. The reverse is also true and requires extra doses of humility to balance and remain on top – akin to staying on the ball.

      Thank you for sharing your comments.

      Luv and hugz,

  5. Eric, I am new to appreciating haiku (ssh: I’m always looking for more and feel like I fell off a cliff….). I wanted to see your photograph in larger format, click!, and up popped the photo and the haiku of grounded – there it was right in my face and to the point. I’ve lived long enough to know when you lose your way, you will be brought back to earth ~ one way or another. God has a sense of humor and there is justice in the Universe – always comes back to balance.

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment. Always appreciated.

      Larger format of my photograph? Hope you don’t get nightmares, I’m not insured for that – premiums too high 🙂

      Very true, God does reel us back to earth, and He does have a sense of humour – He made man!

    1. Humility, which brings us to the lowest of the low, is the key I reckon – and gratitude, kindness, soft words, emphathy, love, etc – all flow from it.

    1. Thank you very much Georgia (or would you prefer to be addressed as Bastet, as you sign off) for your kind words and reblogging this. All good wishes, Eric

  6. And, as all things grow…in the spring
    So they then die…

    Lovely prompt to thought and to meditation, as always, a pleasure to visit your page.

  7. I’ve always looked at what you refer to as stars as no better or worse than I am. I’m not over awed by their presence and certainly see the pitfalls they face as they begin to feel they are somehow better than the rest of us mere mortals. I reject that mentality completely. They eventually self-destruct don’t they?

    I do admire competence in a person, applaud those who excel in their profession or create great works of art and manage to keep their feet on the ground, and I’m inspired by those who live a life like Mother Teresa, or claw their way up from the depts of social strata and make something of themselves in spite of the odds.

    The unsung hero is to me a person of much greater worth.

    1. Well Ian,

      You know what I think of cockerel feathers. And as I’ve always maintained, we share similar values – must be the water our generation drank in our formative years.

      I agree with all your observations. Yes, there are so many unsung heroes and much more worthy than ‘media driven luminaries”.

      Cheers, Eric

  8. I think it is a good idea to be compassionate with the mentally ill … because we all are experiencing an occasional “chemical imbalance” … experiencing rather than suffering … hint, hint …

    1. Hello Norma,

      It happens all around us – a person pulls up by their bootstraps, reaches a peak – arrogance, pride, etc overtakes – they stumble down. Many pick themselves up but some never do. I’ve seen it happen among family and friends.

      Thank you for the visit and comment,

      1. Thank you, Yoshiko. I appreciate your comments. Haiku is indeed a wonderful outlet to illuminate anything in a compact fashion. Take care!

  9. Eric – I think this is excellent. How often success turns us from the very values and people that enabled us to achieve it. Sometimes we need to be saved from ourselves!

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