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It is your body but motherhood is a joint decision. Don’t shock him with the news of your pregnancy, but present it as your (his and yours) long cherished dream come true.

You are pregnant – not sick. Take it up with hospitals and doctors who label you as a ‘patient’ instead of a ‘mother-to-be’ or ‘mother’.

Don’t bemoan the fact that you can’t wait to squeeze back into your tight jeans or whatever. Pregnancy is not a burden; it’s a gift. Other than some sports and certain physical positions, life can and should continue as normal. Loving is great too – but you already know that (wink).

It’s okay to expect special treatment but don’t demand it – the baby is in you, it’s not you.

If you do lose your cool, forgive yourself – don’t beat and wreck yourself with guilt or anxiety. Your body is going through sea changes. Know this and be fair to yourself. Those who don’t appreciate that – don’t deserve your regard.

When treated special, accept it with grace – but not as an entitlement.

If you’ve always wanted to give up smoking (or substance abuse) – this is a great time to show how much you love your unborn child. If you do give up your Jack Daniels – fret not, most husbands would have that covered (wink).

Oh, one more thing, when you’re heavy with child – you will look the most radiant ever. Even if you don’t believe in God, you will see The Light and will radiate Light.

Enjoy the journey – and lean on your man. Make him feel wanted and part of this wondrous journey of your making.

Pregnancy brings you and your man together. Any husband who truly shares your pregnancy with you – will have great respect for you and will never ever leave you.

He loves you and you, him. The child within, is proof therein.

As mother, you are a feminine wonder.

You are his Woman, truly.

(P/s Guys, good habits you picked up during your wife’s pregnancy – keep them.)

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