If we wish to

think outside the box –

first, we need to

recognise the box

Think Outside the Box

What do you reckon?


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  1. The other day, I saw a quote on FB, saying:
    ‘Thinking outside the box? Better realize, there is no box’.
    I find that very true.

  2. Very true. And I echo Jasey’s comment….many who advocate it never step outside of their limited boundaries. Enjoy your time with the family Eric.

    1. I totally agree with both you lovely ladies.

      We get this farce from priests on pulpits and business leaders – let’s not even mention that group – the politicians!

      Thank you and yes, I’m having a great time,

  3. Sometimes the people who ask you to think outside the box are themselves confined. They are not willing to accept that which is outside the norm. Many learn the phrase and use it but do not apply to themselves.

    1. Many who preach, remain firmly behind their own bars.

      I suppose all of us are afflicted by the box – at various times.

      In some areas we are trail blazers and in other aspects we are contend to remain within our comfort-cages. It could be when one is striving to achieve something versus when simply looking to relax and unwind.

      Luv and hugz,

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