When I posted a short poem > Man-Man-Man > about the three types of people we can love, Janna blogging as JannaTWrites posted a comment.

She said, “Loving those who hate us is definitely hard, but it’s even more of a burden to carry a grudge.”

I found this loaded with spiritual wisdom.

Her response triggered a haiku. Hope it resonates:

Eyes to the Sky

Thank you Janna.

For those unfamiliar with Janna’s works, please do check out her blog for flash fiction, poetry, photographs and thoughts, and snippets of life, among others – quite eclectic.

You might also wish to read of the three types of people we love in this 4-sentence poem Man-Man-Man


Have a great weekend all



  1. Very thought provoking, Eric. Grudge is a person’s own enemy , I think. My parents always told us not to use the word “hate” when we would say I hate …the word hate was a word we did not needed in life. And maybe if we all would delete that word from our dictionary this world would be a more forgiving world towards each other. We don’t have to agree with each other , that is fine, after all we are all different persons , Hate just creates more hate, revenges and grudges will only add fuel to the fire …me think. .
    Ciao, Francina .

    1. That’s wise teaching and a good home rule, Francina dear – no ‘hate’ word in the household. There are so many words we can all do without – but starting with banning the ‘hate’ word is a great step forward. There are also so many words we should use more often in our lives, I reckon.

      Peace, luv and hugz my dear,

  2. Ouch! Difficult to do. Steam from the ears, a soul to cleanse. Something a good catholic girl always said.
    Seeing anger in people makes me worry. I’ve been the punching bag quite often. Yet, I, too, can often be seen with steam piping from my ears out of anger. I just grab a pack of gum and chew! It works wonders!

    1. You gave me a laugh, Eva dear – steam from ears 🙂

      Chewing gum – first time I heard that use for gum. Hmm, might try that.

      Peace and blessings,

  3. Powerful and packed with wisdom are Jana’s words. A man carrying a grudge is not different from someone planting bombs by the second in his own backyard. My father always tells me that it is best to go to sleep with a free mind; if I have issues with someone, it’s best we settle it before night comes.

    Your haiku resonates deep, Eric. May men continue to hold you in high esteem.

  4. As usual, I’m days behind in reading, but I sure was surprised to see your mention of a previous comment as an inspiration for your haiku. You have written beautiful words of truth in this haiku, and I’m so honored to have been credited with that inspiration- thank you 🙂

    Further commenting on the haiku, I was struck by the last line, “drop burdens, see God.” Burdens, whether it be anger, resentment or revenge are a barrier that keep us from knowing God and feeling peace. I held a grudge for someone for over five years before I could finally let it go. The thing is, it only hurt me, the other person didn’t care one bit. What a waste of energy.

    1. Hello Janna,

      No worries. Pop over when you can. As I’ve mentioned, we’re all busy and life takes priority 🙂

      Yes, we writers/bloggers draw inspiration from various sources, including one another. Whenever someone inspires me, I like to show my gratitude. Mentioning you in my blog was quite appropriate – and my pleasure.

      I can relate to what you say about holding grudges. Yes, it can be such a relief when we lay them down. And you’re so very right – quite often, we don’t figure in the other person’s life. It’s best for us to let go and let God be the judge.

      Peace and blessings,

  5. Tremendous truth in this haiku, Eric. A grudge is the fruit of the root of pride. The burden of anger from a grudge limits our perspective to what is below, underneath our feet. And indeed through pride, one has pre-judged and thinks that everybody else is at fault. The god of self. Dropping this burden widens and extends our horizons to lofty heights. It is an act of humility, and by being humble, one acknowledges God, the one true Judge. Peace, Dee

    1. So very lovely, this sharing of yours Dee 🙂

      When we embrace humility as our shield, we need no sword to defend ourselves. All anger and hatred directed at us, shatters on the shield of humility. But man choses to arm himself with weapons instead of defending himself with the shield given by God.


  6. Eric, your haiku has a lot of truth and wisdom to it. Offenses carried without seeking forgiveness, and moving on can eat at one like a cancer from the inside out. And one cannot see any good from that, especially God, in those things we choose to carry.

    1. Cancer is an apt description, Joyce

      Most of us are afflicted and we hold the cure too. However, many are unaware of their affliction and blame the world when they feel “ill”.

      Yes, we chose what we want to carry – and regular sorting/discarding of the trash in our lives is wise.

      Peace and blessings,

  7. Thanks for writing this, Eric. Hitting me at a time I need to read it – when dealing with a quarrel with a friend. Time to lay down some burdens! 🙂

    1. Oh dear Racheal,

      I know the feeling as a few months ago, a close friend and I had a tiff. I hope and wish that your friendship gets back on an even keel soon. Its quite easy really, as you know – simply take that first step closer to the centre and see how the see-saw begins to rise 🙂

      Peace and blessings my dear,

  8. I am sunning in the warmth and wisdom of both your and Janna’s words this early morning. Isn’t it strange how some days we might run through the entire cycle without ever being reminded of the need to slow down, other days we are pulled up short and peace is rained down.

    With gratitude.

    1. Ah, my lovely Val 🙂

      Great to have added some sunlight. Yes, we all need to be reminded to pull up. Peace raining down – I would love such a drenching.

      With much luv and hugz,

    1. Yes, Susan

      At this stage of my life, I’m setting down my loads a little at a time – its getting better but there’s still some way to go.

      Peace and blessings,

  9. Grudge and revenge are not just burdens, it makes us lose direction, lose opportunities and most important lose our joy. Life is hard enough without these extra “losing” factors.
    You have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hello again, Jasey dearest

      Yes, life is burdensome enough without we adding to the load. If we can set grudges/revenge down – whew! How much more lighter, the journey.

      Peace, luv and hugz,

    1. Hello Georgia,

      Yes, we admire the rose although the plant sprouts more thorns than roses. Why can we not do the same and admire a man’s meagre good and not curse his many faults.

      Peace and blessings,

      1. A question I’ve often asked myself. Seems that it’s all too easy to concentrate on the thorns rather than the flowers, although if we all could make the effort the world would probably be a little easier to live in.

        Peace to you Eric, Georgia.

  10. One major religion says that revenge is the way of a sinner. Another major religion says that revenge is a process that destroys your soul.

    If at all people believe and follow their religions, they would understand that a soul with wisdom would never think of revenge as a cure to anything. Peace can be much more of a cure to revenge.

    1. Hello Manu,

      What you say is very true. Unfortunately, there is a wide difference between preaching and practising. Even on the rare occasions when a ‘wronged’ person choses to walk away, society views him as a coward, someone without honour and so forth – very few credit him with trying to break the vicious cycle of vendettas.


  11. Janna is right “Loving those who hate us is definitely hard, but it’s even more of a burden to carry a grudge.” but I have to add that the need for revenge is an even more destructive burden. Revenge is a serpent which. every time, turns to bite the revenger more than his / her target. If only the revenger could cast eyes upwards away from his / her hate how rewarded he / she would be!

    1. Great words of wisdom, Jane dear – I share these views that you put across so very well.

      I knew why I was ‘following’ your blog. It was for much more than the wonderful poems and captivating fiction (the beautiful phrases employed) you share. Your wisdom came through the very first blogpost I read, oh, so many months ago. (My apologies for all those “I” words – this comment is obviously not edited but let to fly raw).

      All good cheer for the weekend ahead,

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