When I posted a short poem > Man-Man-Man > about the three types of people we can love, Janna blogging as JannaTWrites posted a comment.

She said, “Loving those who hate us is definitely hard, but it’s even more of a burden to carry a grudge.”

I found this loaded with spiritual wisdom.

Her response triggered a haiku. Hope it resonates:

Eyes to the Sky

Thank you Janna.

For those unfamiliar with Janna’s works, please do check out her blog for flash fiction, poetry, photographs and thoughts, and snippets of life, among others – quite eclectic.

You might also wish to read of the three types of people we love in this 4-sentence poem Man-Man-Man


Have a great weekend all



  1. Nicely put & I agree with Janna cause Hatred isn’t but a poison seated near the heart doubling the burden for who suffers the disease.

    Peace & Light

  2. Dear Eric,

    What a lovely surprise, to witness the presence of your son unexpectedly early and, with a fine potable in tow.

    I am thus honored that the initial hoist of said beverage will be, to some degree, tossed in my direction. On that note, my friend, do I bid thee a pleasant nocturne, and before retiring will I ‘clink’ my own glass to yours.

    Cheers to you and Adamson! Salute.

    Bon nuit,

  3. My Dear Eric,

    Yes! I still exist. Although I have been exceedingly remiss in correspondence. But during my various travails, I DO access your material. I read, and enjoy. Immensely.

    Your latest haiku has prompted my own. I do hope that you don’t mind.

    I to the Ground

    Sometimes, crouched with a
    Sense of self-deprecation,
    Buddha says hello.

    There. There’s my take. I bid you a most pleasing evening, perhaps one laced with a healing glass of a choice libation.

    Take care,
    Paul 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Dear Paul,

      Happy to hear from you, as always. First off, please don’t beat yourself for not commenting on my blog. I’m very glad that you’re gainfully busy and have my never exhausting good wishes for all your endeavours.

      I’ve always welcomed your contributions and this piece is no exception. Yes, when we allow ourselves to sink low, we gain much merit.

      My son Adamson walked in moments ago – he is on home visit from NYC. What a lovely surprise, as we were expecting him only tomorrow! And yes, he brought along a nice bottle of ‘choice libation’ for his pappy 🙂 When I share a drink with him later this evening, I’ll make a toss to you 🙂

      All good tidings keep you and your loved ones company.

      Your friend,

  4. A wonderful haiku Eric. And indeed, there is much wisdom in Janna’s words. Personally I hate carrying grudges and can hardly sleep if I have a misunderstanding with someone.

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