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It’s 7th October, but the first Monday of the Month – Blog Pick Day 🙂

Let the drums roll, the cymbals clash, the trumpets blare!!! On second thoughts, let’s tone it down a little lest we upset some medical cases. You’ll soon know what I mean.

🙂 Friends and Well-wishers, my Blog Pick for October 🙂

Rachael K. Jones blogging as Medical Microfiction, Creative Reality and More

😆 Applause! Applause! And yes, more Applause! 😆

Rachael Jones_Blog Pick_Oct 2013

Rachael writes “medical microfiction” using one medical term per story and confines her stories to about one hundred words. Her posts have a decidedly medical slant. Check out her blog and see what I mean.

Rachael obviously has great fun writing and sharing. I try not to miss her posts. They are so unique and such great reads.

You’ll have fun too, I promise, and learn a few science facts along the way.

It’s a delight to visit her blog – Medical Microfiction. Go for it —- and thank me later 🙂

I got to know Rachael in July 2013 and immediately started ‘following’ her blog. She never fails to amuse and educate.

 The Universe_Blog Pick Oct_2013

Thank you, Rachael dear, for sharing your tales. Your talent is unique (yes that word keeps coming up when I think of your blog).

You’ve open up a whole new universe for me.


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