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Dear Friends and Inhabitants of Blogsville 🙂

Due to time constraints, effective next week, this is my new posting schedule:

1. Fallen Grace continues on Wednesdays,

2. Haiku/Poem/Brothers Grinn/Flashfiction on Fridays, and

3. My Blog Pick, every first Monday of the month. I might also upload adhoc posts on Mondays

This would provide enough time – in order of priority – to fashion (hopefully) thoughtful replies to comments posted on my blog; free up time to visit commenters’ blogs and post considered comments of my own, and also to ‘read’ the blogs that I follow – whether or not they visit/comment on my blog. Currently, I’m following/reading about 50 blogs – the number is slowly growing – and visit them at least once a week. I also follow a couple of hundred more on an adhoc basis.

I try to visit all who tick “Like” but don’t always manage a return visit. With about 2,400 bloggers subscribed to Written Words Never Die, it’s getting somewhat impossible. 

(I sincerely appreciate any comments on how you prioritize and manage/respond to all the “Comment” and “Like” that you receive – in addition to reading the Blogs you follow) 

As I’ve always maintained, blogging has to be fun and the above schedule would go a long way to keep that flame stoked. The discerning would have noticed that since I started blogging in November 2011 (with a 6-month break in 2012) I’ve gradually reduced daily posts to five, down to three and now this. Hopefully, the quality of the posts has seen some improvement.

Thank you for your understanding and have a great weekend,


P/s Most of you who may be unaware, I also have another blog – My Write Business Way – where I upload management and business articles, and events – once a fortnight.

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